Crispy Gamer: The Incredible Hulk Review - The movie's middling; the game's even worse

Crispy Gamer writes: "The Incredible Hulk was never the biggest seller for Marvel Comics and the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby comic book factory. In fact, the original comic series with a gray, not yet green, monster was aborted after a mere half-dozen issues in 1962. Part Golem, part Frankenstein, and part Cold War spawn, the rage-filled green gargantuan soon reappeared as a backup character in "Tales to Astonish." The lime-colored freak found a new life in the 1970s as a fairly popular character, partially due to the writing of Len Wein (DC's Swamp Thing) and once, sci-fi writer Harlan Ellison. Marvel even tested the waters with a She-Hulk comic. But you have to love the somewhat underappreciated monolith just because he never was super-big and popular like Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four were and still are.

The Hulk's powers? Get angry, get strong, smash everything, and, most of all, get even. The Hulk has been the ravager extraordinaire in videogames since the SNES days (let's not dwell on that less-than-worthy iteration). Only with 2005's The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was the gargantuan done true justice. Developed by Radical Entertainment two years after the noble Ang Lee movie debacle, the game surprised everyone with its open world, not to mention giant throwing abilities and the nuclear-explosion-like Critical Mass move, which reduced to dust everything in sight."

What's Hot:
-Hulk can jump and throw at the same time
-Some of Manhattan looks cool

What's Not:
-Camera and frame rate issues
-Gameplay that mimics an older game

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