EA's E3 XBOX 360 Lineup

-EA has released its list of games that will be on display at E3, inside is the list of XBOX 360 titles you will see.

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Silogon3782d ago

It's becoming more and more clear that you only need to own an xbox 360 & a good pc or a Ps3 and a good pc.

You don't need a xbox 360, good pc and ps3 in your house. All there is to it. These games are either across the board on everything and if they're not you can get them on one of the two options above.

Condoleezza Rice3782d ago

I think all those games are multi-platform titles,I'm looking forward to Mirrors Edge the most.

Superfragilistic3782d ago

Mirror's Edge looks sweet. And I can't wait for Spore.

But really I'm looking most forward to Pandemics twosome in Mercs 2 and LoTR Conquest. And we haven't even heard from Bioware yet... KOTOR 3, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age?

dragunrising3782d ago

A new Lord of the Rings game? Count me in.

goldenzealot3782d ago

This article is going ot be flame bait for ps3 faboys in the open zone so im not even going to go in there.

Why dont MicroSoft, Nintendo and Sony combine and make a console, instead of 3 different ones. Ps3 owners will buy a 360 and wii for halo, gears and brawl while likewise wii60 owners will buy a ps3 for MGS4 and uncharted. i just think its a waste of money. people like me cant afford another console so all i have atm is a 360. (which hasnt died yet lol)

if they did make a console it would put an end to all the fanboy debates, gaming debates and paying money for console exclusives. It would have all the good features of each console like blu-ray, live and moton sensing. Hopefully it will work out cheaper as well for the average consumer.

does anyone agree with me or am i just talking nonsense??


are you kidding... and take all the fun away !

there is nothing that puts a smile on my face more then coming into work and the first thing i do when i sit at my desk is check the news to see what new fanboy story is doing the rounds.

And the comments from some of the more extreme fans, they are pure gold !

I feel your pain, not owning all the systems to play all the games, but enjoy the one you have and the games on it. With all the new added stuff the consols can do, remember you are not just paying for a machine that plays the games. its all the other stuff that sets them apart as well.

madness3782d ago

so... who gets to make this 1 console?

Ghoul3782d ago

VERY bad idea

i dont support monopolism in ANY way, and i really hope we stick with 2-4 big plattforms, i really dont want any company to dictate a price, system, usage rights, or whatever. Just imagine EA owning the gaming secotr. HORROR

Bladestar3781d ago

so, we would have a non-hd console with a wiimote that comes with blu-ray and connects to xbox live.... no thanks.

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power of Green 3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

I dissagreed with Condoleezza Rice because we don't know anything about *The Lord of the Rings: Conquest* and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 was put on hold so they say.

There's going to be dozens of games shown. can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.