TeamXbox: Don King Presents: Prizefighter Review

TeamXbox writes: "You gotta love Don King. He's a purely American invention – endlessly self-promoting, a crazy hairdo, and his own made up version of the English language. The guy is more American than George Washington. And no matter what you think of him, the wild popularity of boxing, especially during its golden age in the 70's and 80's is partly his doing. So it's kind of disappointing to see such an entertaining character involved with such a non-entertaining game.

Don King Presents: Prizefighter from sports publishing powerhouse 2K is definitely no Fight Night. EA's boxing sim title defined the genre, and while competitors are always welcome, Prizefighter comes nowhere near to taking the belt away. The reason is simple: the actual boxing mechanic is clunky and gamey, and doesn't immerse you in the concept of being in the ring. While playing Fight Night actually made your face hurt, Prizefighter wears out nothing but your thumbs."

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Silogon3875d ago

Let's face it, boxing games are way too slow to be considered great. The fastest boxing game to date is probably Super Punch out or Ring King. That's sad.

Fight night was absurdly slow and just stiff. It's like you're playing Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, not boxing. This game is no different.

FCOLitsjustagame3875d ago

Gosh a game with Don Kings name on it actually stinks...who woulda thunk it.....

In other words, I dont see much of a suprise here, I kinda thought it was going to be bad.