Tearaway Coming to PS4

It was announced today at Gamescom 2014 that Tearaway would be coming to PS4.

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MightyNoX3578d ago

Loved Tearaway on my Vita. Day 1

bouzebbal3578d ago

amazing game! one of the few vita games i platinumed.
i'm so happy of this announcement

Enemy3578d ago

The IP is too good to let it go to waste. Easily the best game on Vita. This is one of the biggest announcements for me.

Vitalogy3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

The game is awesome but it's not the best game on the Vita. I'm sure that, like me, other people has other choices.

I loved the game on the Vita and even it being so short and me gotten platinum quickly I still played the hell out of it almost the same amount of hours if not more taking pics and customizing etc.

The more I'd like it to remain a ps vita exclusive, my ps4 screams for it and so, like the ps vita, it'll be day 1 for me.

ChronoJoe3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Yeah it looks great. Hope it's of a larger scale and has more post-game content than the Vita version though. Not much to do except learn origami once its over.

And that's a pain, since the game itself is only about 6hours long.

Also as Vitalogy says, not the best game on Vita for me either. Good game, very creative. But even LBP Vita trumps Tearaway for me, although I mostly play Soul Sacrifice on my Vita. That's probably the best Vita game in my opinion, but others would of course disagree.

badz1493578d ago

definitely put a HUGE smile on my face! love the game on Vita and now, the new one is coming to the PS4?! SWEETNESS!!

lunatic00013578d ago

i loved it aswell but im sad that this pretty much confirms that my vita ain't getting no love from sony...it should have been tearaway 2 on ps vita :(

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iamnsuperman3578d ago

Good. I loved Tearaway on the vita and it is a shame people overlooked it. It is a good game

Dudebro903578d ago

This can't be what MM has been working on this entire time.

WeAreLegion3578d ago

It's not. There is another game.

DOMination-3578d ago

Hugely disappointing announcement for me. Tearaway is good for a handheld game but I was hoping for something more from Mm. Hopefully they are working on a bigger project too

jjonez183578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Exactly what I was thinking. But I haven't played Tearaway and don't plan on getting a Vita anytime soon so it works out for me.
I hope your right. I was really looking forward to something new.

-Foxtrot3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I love the look of the game but please...don't tell me this is what they've been working on for a while

There's still a new IP being made...right guys?

I'm still expecting a new IP which gives us the create, share features but in 3D

WeAreLegion3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

There is. They already showed it at the PS4 announcement. They're going to show it again when it's ready.

EDIT: NOT a tech demo. Game Informer had a story about the game shortly after that premiere. It is a full game with "Ghost" as the working title.

-Foxtrot3578d ago

Pretty sure that wasn't a new game but just a tech demo of how creative they were or could get with the new hardware.

SoapShoes3578d ago

It was a tech demo showcasing tech that will be in their new game. Do you see that in Tearaway? No. Obviously there is a different game in the works and that trailer they showed of the mess up is definitely not tearaway.

iamnsuperman3578d ago

This is the smaller media molecule (the small team behind tearaway). There is still the rest of the studio (who didn't work on tearaway.

Sevir3578d ago

They said they have a PS4 NEW IP, so clearly Tearaway:Unfolded is not a NEW IP! The Tearaway team, of just 14 people brought the Tearaway Experience to PS4.

There PS4 new IP is still being worked on. The thing is They see TEARAWAY as potentially another big draw so instead of letting the game IP die they are bringing it to PS4. which is fine, it pans out the offerings for next year!

We've got Bloodborne, Tearaway, RIME, Until Dawn, The Order 1886, Uncharted 4, Hellblade, and quite a few others. Pretty strong line up.

ValKilmer3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Man, this was one of the last great Non-Japanese PS Vita exclusives. Kinda scary they're taking it away from it.

LOGICWINS3578d ago

This proves that the Vita is effectively done in terms of high quality Western exclusives. Its a JRPG machine/streaming device now. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I would've liked more from it.

badz1493578d ago

what are you talking about? this is a new game altogether, not a port for the original WHICH is still exclusive.