The Real PS3 Grill

A $500 PS3 was gutted and a working griddle was inserted. The modders have cooked wieners and chicken to prove it...

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The great 14354d ago

You are a moron, plain and simple, what is your point i shouldn't even reply to your retarded post but, seens you took the bother of wasting your time, i will return the favour, you are a brainwashed by what you believe fool, get a life, get a job or something, mabye that way u might be able to afford that PS3 you have always dreamt and talked about!

Grown Folks Talk4354d ago

i didn't realize that the ps3 was your mother. you act like it's a personal insult. it's a group of people messing around having fun. you know, a joke.

4354d ago
marionz4354d ago

im sure you didnt mind the article about eggs being cooked on a xbox, this is freakin funny so just get ova it

specialguest4354d ago

this is all good and fun humor. i knew someone was going to create and real PS3 grill and what do you know... here's one. i had a good laugh the first time i discovered that site.

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Boink4354d ago


that is too funny!

scriptkiddie4354d ago

can you cook and play games at the same time.

Boink4354d ago

it can't play music and games at the same time, but the grill does make it worthwhile.

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The story is too old to be commented.