Game Revolution: Kung Fu Panda Review

Game Revolution writes: "I am surprised. Really I am. I mean, the concept of a goofy, uncoordinated panda becoming some kind of kung-fu hero is so lame that it seems like the writers in Hollywood really are throwing darts at a board. Hmm… the main animal star is… a Panda! And he'll do… Kung-Fu! Damn, just missed "Caribbean Monk Seal" and "Barbershop Hi-jinks"! But when the trailers for the DreamWorks flick came out, it looked like they might be on to something after all. With a smart voice-over cast, including Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, and a nice-looking homage to old-school chopsocky flicks, it looks like Kung Fu Panda could be a winner.

But how about the game? Thanks to Activision, I was worried we'd just get another Shrek game with a panda in it. Well, we're all in for a pleasant surprise, because Kung Fu Panda manages to survive the 18 Bronzemen and come out in one piece."

+ Varied gameplay
+ Moves galore
+ Good replay value
- Disappointing voice-acting
- Camera issues

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