MotorStorm 2 Dev talks PS3 and advances in Pacific Rift

PSU Writes:

Continuing our discussion with Paul Hollywood, Evolution Studios' Creative Director, we were treated to a few great details on what gamers can expect to see in MotorStorm Pacific Rift as well as how the PlayStation 3 will bring about more than just mere graphical advances.

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Silogon3782d ago

In order for me to get excited about this one the following will have to take place.

Graphics better be upgraded cause the textures up close were very blah in the 1st one.

the bikes better have been overhauled to be enjoyable to play with.

the cars better come with speedometers & headlights for night driving.

the should also have stats for each car as in strengths and weaknesses, grip and traction all that.

selecting your car better be alot faster.

unlocking new cars that play different, not just have different paint.

more tracks and races. Goals. Incentives for us to play.

dktxx23782d ago

You need an incentive to play a game? Wouldn't fun be an incentive?

Whoooop3782d ago

The sequel to the best arcade racing game this generation...

Bring it..


The Karate Kid3782d ago

Day 1 buy for me. Another great PS3 Exclusive!!!!!!!

Wotbot3782d ago

the first one, and this one appears to be better.

Split-screen should be great.

PLiPhaze3782d ago

Loads more mud & splash effects please

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