TentonHammer Q&A - EVE: The Empyrean Age Novel, with Author Tony Gonzales

TentonHammer writes: "MMORPGs (and certainly tabletop RPGs before them) have had a give-and-take relationship with the realm of literary fiction. Both World of Warcraft and Everquest spawned bestselling paperbacks - the latter attracting the well-known popular fantasy author R.A. Salvatore (who is now even deeper into the industry, writing for 38 Studios). And, of course, Lord of the Rings Online is inextricably connected to the works of the legendary author J.R.R. Tolkien.

But never to our knowledge has a game or expansion launched hand-in-hand with a novel. That is, until now. Tony Gonzales' EVE: The Empyrean Age tells the story of how EVE Online's four playable races transitioned from a tentative peace to all-out war. But factional warfare isn't just a literary denouement; as of Wednesday morning it's a game-changing reality for EVE Online players, who can now sign up and fight for their favored faction, either alone or with their corporation. We spoke with Tony Gonzales, who is also Lead Writer for EVE Online, about the process of penning the inspiration for an expansion and what we can expect from the 528-page set to be released from Amazon a week from the publication date of this article."

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