IGN: The Conduit Screens

Here are some great shots of the upcoming FPS for Wii. Looks like a slight improvement over the last shots released months back.

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Darkiewonder3875d ago

I definitely see the Next gen visuals they were claiming when they said The Conduit had it.


BWS19823875d ago

them saying it. Fanboys did in a sarcastic, myopic manner. The devs simply said they are trying to break the mold of the Wii not having it's hardware pushed, and that's all. Why can't people take a game attempt for what it's worth? It clearly looks like a PS2.5 like the Wii's specs place it at. What is pointing and laughing going to prove?

MK_Red3875d ago

Actually, the devs of the game also claimed that their engine for then unannounced game will have early Xbox 360 and PS3 quality visuals.
When the gameplay vid and first screens came out, they chose to be silent and Wii fanboy sites indeed continued the stupid hype.

Anyway, I've been saying that they are just hyping their mediocre game. It's not even as good looking PS2's Black or Wii's own awesome Metroid Prime 3.

Darkiewonder3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Because They never should claim to say it'll look like ps3/360 visuals With their Quantum 3 engine that's why I laugh DUH! and I'm laughing at Wii fanboys easily pleased by mediocre visuals and use the excuse that their motion controls make up for developers pathetic attempts in the visual department.

BWS19823875d ago

at the fanboys that's fine, I can't stand a fanboy of any console or entity in life (I'm a gamer, despite that it seems I'm pushing for the Wii, I'm trying to simply make people see things objectively), fanboyism is pointless....what I say makes no sense is to point and laugh at a game that clearly looks good for it's present competition on the Wii. The engine is attempting to milk the Wii's specs visually, and I don't see that the game is too far off from 1st gen 360 games (maybe some of the crappier ones but still)....I'd disagree with people who state it's on par with PS2 and Xbox 1, I've got FPS's on those like Black and Timesplitters:FP, those are about as good as the last gen got, and Conduit is a little above that IMO, but that's my own assessment. If the devs did in fact say (which I didn't happen to catch them saying myself) that it can compete with the likes of Gears or whatnot, then yeah, they've got something to prove to a claim like that. But no one can judge the gameplay itself, so "mediocre game" is pretentious. In summary, I think the game is clearly a contender for the most advanced engine on the Wii, and they've still got fine tuning to do, but as for Wii fanboys laugh at them all you want, they are no different than 360 or PS3 fanboys.

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dragunrising3875d ago

Which isn't bad at all. I don't see the "next gen" visuals that are claimed. Honestly, I don't care. If the devs can improve on the FPS controls MP3 and Medal of Honor: Heroes pioneered I'm in. Control wise I think the Wii-mote and nun chuck combo works excellent. Its a shame Resident Evil 5 wasn't announced for the Wii:-(

mepsipax3875d ago

these shots look good the hand models/textures are really nice and I really dig the weapons designs, sure the game is gonna be a mindless generic sci-fi shooter but I really don't care that's what halo is and the wii doesn't have enough fps games anyway we have 6 shooters, which sucks, 4 of them suck (far cry, vanguard, red steel, cod3) and 2 are good (mohh2 mp3) thats a suckage to good ratio of 2:1 thats bad guys. The game doesn't look so hot due to bad level and art designs in my opinion.

phantomexe3875d ago

This game may blow then again it may be good the point is once again i'll say it.....NEXT..... KEY WORD NEXT to other wii games this by far beats them all and i'm a big metriod fan.There is know way in the name of jesus this looks anything and i mean anything like ps2 fps not black nothing.I don't even know why you even say that.High voltage made there point this game as far as looks is great for a wii game and yea it looks better then most frist gent xbox games.Hands down your wasting your time trying to tell others its not.Those screenshots prove that.Will have to wait and see how gameplay and story play was saying co-op to the game so that right there on the wii sold me.I got a ps3 and a 360 in my house and i've got friends that want this game and they own a 360.The game as far as looks is great.