If EA Launched A Console

Would the current three competitors be wiped out of the competition due to EA's massive and loyal following? Read the arguments and discuss them yourself here.

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Silogon3834d ago

It would produce Nascar 09 quality graphics for 10 years and every game would use the same engines for 20 plus years. I'd never buy it and I'd hope consumers wouldn't either.

Well, I'd atleast hope the NFL wouldn't allow them to continue with the license.

FredFredrickson3834d ago

So legions of Madden fans are going to make a console? I don't think so.

deeznuts3834d ago

Yeah they're not loyal, they're stuck. Exclusive deals with the NFL will do that to you.

Bring back NFL Blitz!

ajeben8093833d ago

we wood see a new 1 every year...worse than microsoft

dan-boy3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

and microsoft do what the sony fanboys pray they do and pull out of the console market, then i think ea mite feel confident enough to go ahead and release a console.

and with no other sports game competition because aquiring take two would eliminate that. they would have gta also. probably the highest grossing franchise available at the mo. i think getting take two would be a key to ea's console ambitions.

they have


three great studios that spring to they have nearly ten times that number. and they publish alot of stuff for independants like valve.

and look at all the franchises they have past and present.

road rash
all the sports games
the sims
red alert
lord of the rings
mass effect

if microsoft left the console market, you could bet that ea would stand ready to snap up any studios that became available.

there's a whole lot more that i cant remember, and i aint time because im going out in a minute anyway....

bottom line. microsoft has proved that there is room for three consoles on the market. i know alot of sony fanboys hate microsoft, but they should see the bigger picture, and what could potentially happen if ea get take two, and microsft disappear.....

ea churns out alot of rubbish, but that rubbish sells lots and lots. not only that, they now have some great studios under their belts(unfortunately), and some pretty decent frnachises are owned by them. which if were all gonna be on their own console, would not appear any where else. and if people were honest, they would know that at present, no console could survive without ea's support.

if it happened, they could dominate the market. they've got so many in house franchises, that singularly, i'm sure they have more than sony or nintendo.

uie4rhig3832d ago

well for starters games like fifa, mass effect, crysis and such would all be Electronic Arts Station (what i think they'll call the console :P) exclusive .. so i highly doubt it would be a failure.. i would guess that the only way to make such a console a failure is delivering the crappy games that EA delivers (note that i am saying EA, not Bioware, Dice or w/e other company they have bought)

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HD300Gamr3834d ago

EA makes some good games. I've played NHL for over a decade. But I would resist buying a console from this company.

I suppose you should never say never but they'd have to come up with something very unique.

Varsarus3834d ago

Then it will be sad time for gaming.

FredFredrickson3833d ago

In some sense, EA already did launch a console actually - the 3DO was created by EA co-founder, Trip Hawkins.

DrWan3834d ago

if they want to bankrupt, go for it

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The story is too old to be commented.