Pioneer launches new 60-inch set

Pioneer has launched it's brand new 60-inch Kuro in Japan. At just 6-inches thick it's a beast of a Full-HD TV. The US will also be getting a refreshed Kuro line up this month. Pioneer have long been known as producers of some of the finest Plasma TVs.

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Silogon3783d ago

I just went from a phillips 1080p to a bravia and love it. I don't think I wanna change up again. It was too costly to get to this stage. I over paid for the ambilight and got a fair price on the Bravia but all in all it was very expensive just for tvs. More so cause none of this will be with us when we die.

Better live and enjoy while we can I suppose.

Cartesian3D3782d ago


New Bravia with 3RGB LED backlit and this Panel have the best picture quality beside 11inch OLED SONY display..

if you want the best black level,best motion process,best colour... they are yours :D

SaiyanFury3782d ago

Looks slick. Unfortunately the price tag makes me pass. I bought my 61" Samsung DLP that's 1080p and it was only 2450 with the stand. Flat panels are awesome and all, but I prefer the value given with rear projection.

travelguy2k3780d ago

Then you may also want to check out front projection. I have the Panasonic PT-AX 200U and a motorized 106" Da-lite screen. Now thats value. $1199.99 (projector), $529.00 (screen) $79.00 (ceiling mount)

For Just over $1800.00 you get your own not so little theater.