The Top 10 Goriest Games

Video countdowns the Top 10 Goriest Video Games of all time.

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Mclovin963877d ago

LMAO that video was awesome!!! It's a shame they don't make games like those anymore.

Intrepid3877d ago

I'm so disturbed right now... haha.

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riksweeney3877d ago

Wow, The Punisher is seriously nasty.

MK_Red3877d ago

And that's why it was uber awesome and I'm still praying for a sequel.

Seriously, modern games are becoming less and less violent... And with MK the bigdaddy of M rated games going T rated with MK vs DC, I've lost all hope. Maybe Fallout 3 can make me happy again with uber gory deaths.

sumfood4u3877d ago

Hella Gorie, as its Movie!

Keowrath3877d ago

Your comment should come with a warning dude, I feel I'm gonna need therapy for years after seeing that!

MK_Red3877d ago

lol, I'm with Keowrath. Horrible game.