Unreal Tournament III Xbox 360 on July 7

Joystiq: We've just confirmed with Midway that Unreal Tournament III for Xbox 360 will hit the console on July 7. The Xbox 360 version will feature five "exclusive" maps, split-screen capabilities, two new characters and the all-new Warfare mode. Of course, the online fragfest will also feature all the benefits of Xbox Live, with none of that pesky mod support.

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It's too late for this game to grace the console of the 360. There are other games that are available to whet my appetite. I have it on the ps3 and its okay nothing groundbreaking as far as gameplay. Epic trying to bilk 360 gamers for this title when it was finished back in NOV.2007

FCOLitsjustagame3778d ago

Yeah, cant say as I am looking forward to it. I dont really like multiplayer only games anyway. Maybe I will pick it up once it gets cheap but probably not due to everything else on the list.

ohhthegore3778d ago

The servers will be completely empty by then