The Shady Future of the PSP

With Ready at Dawn abandoning PSP development and future PSP titles yet to be seen, one must wonder what the future holds for the Sony handheld.

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VegaShinra3784d ago

Hopefully the PSP is able to recover and show it has some fire left.

I love video games3784d ago

i like the psp but i cant find any good games, god of war is good but not great, mgs was good but i still havent found a game that i love, i mainly use it ofr psn games and music, but its still pretty sweet

Iceman100x3784d ago

The hand held is dead i guess it's time for psp2, but in the end sony will never get it when it comes to games that people want.

BattleAxe3783d ago

There are alot of great games for the PSP

- God of War
- Socom: Fire Team Bravo
- Socom: Fire Team Bravo 2
- Socom: Tactical Strike
- Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
- Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
- Metal Gear: Portable Ops
- Metal Gear: Portable Ops+
- Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
- Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
- Medal of Honour: Heros
- Medal of Honour: Heros 2
- Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
- Rainbow Six Vegas
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour: 06, 07, 08
- Tony Hawk: Project 8
- Tony Hawk: Underground Remix 2

the list goes on and on...............If you can't find games that you like on here then I'm not sure you can find games you like on any system.

SaiyanFury3783d ago

And your list doesn't even include the mashup of amazing RPGs on the system either. There's lots to play on the system. It's amazing how the news loves to attack Sony. First PS3, then PSP. The torrential flood of negative-hype journalism never stops.

DJ3783d ago

But yeah, 2008 looks like a barren wasteland for PSP. There better be a ton of games at E3.

dragunrising3783d ago

And won't be for quite some time. Ready at Dawn moving to develop for next-gen consoles? Just part of the business; not a omen of bad things to come. I currently have too many games for the psp to get through. E3 should bring about new announcements and prove otherwise.

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