Payton on MGS3 PSP rumor: Wish we made it

It was also said that more details will be revealed at the up and coming E3. However. All these wonderful possibilities turn out to be false. In a singular post at NeoGAF that is sure to put the final nail on the coffin, Ryan Payton, Assistant Producer at Kojima Studios, simply said, "Sounds cool. Wish we made it."

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Mcrmarcher3782d ago

well why don't they make it? can't see whats stopping them, the psp needs some more kick @@S games, take the series in a new direction, show different viewpoints for each character that would be pretty sweet.

KingKirchner3782d ago

damn. They need to make another Metal Gear game for PSP though, and this time use the camera angle and similar controls to MGS1. It would help out with the controls/camera problem present in MGS: PO (even though it was still a great game. 9/10 IMO)

I love video games3782d ago

they should remake the first two metal gears with better graphics, it would be awesome