IGN: Vigilante 8: Arcade Exposed

A few months ago Activision announced that they'd be bringing the classic Vigilante 8 series back to consoles in the form of Vigilante 8: Arcade for the Xbox Live Arcade. The release is a re-imagining of the vehicular combat seen in the originals complete with new single and multiplayer gameplay. IGN recently sat down with Peter Morawiec, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Isopood Labs, the developers behind V8: Arcade to discuss everything from how much the game will cost to what new features are making their way to the Xbox 360 iteration.

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LastDance3784d ago

So jealous!! vigalante 8...its just so good im not sure how else to put it hahaha!

NegativeCreepWA3784d ago

This was a great game when it came out and will probably be the best arcade game to date. Should be fun playing online. Hopefully it'll hold me off until a next-gen Twisted Metal comes out.