EA Access is the only way to play Madden 15 early, no demo available

"You'll only be able to play Madden NFL 15 before its Aug. 26 launch if you own an Xbox One and subscribe to EA Access. There will be no publicly available demo, a representative for publisher Electronic Arts confirmed to Polygon today."

darthv723635d ago

sort of had a feeling this was going to happen.

Abash3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Remember how they said it was a "mistake" when $4.99 price tags appeared for EA game demos on the Xbox One? Well...

amiga-man3635d ago

EA and MS deserve each other

DanielGearSolid3635d ago


definitely cant be a coincidence

MasterCornholio3635d ago

Oh wow so I guess it wasn't a mistake then.


EA is just being EA.

Major_Glitch3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Lol. I remember when EA Access was first announced, and I remember the reaction of the MS Fan Club. They droned on and on about how this was such a great thing, and that MS was giving gamers more options, and that if anyone disagreed they were nothing but jealous Sony fanboys. My warnings of "read the fine print" were drowned out by the sound of the MS Fan Club hype machine once again trying to put lipstick on a pig. And then we get news like this. EA wants to charge a fee to play demos. You remember demos? They were those things that pubs gave out for free in an attempt to generate interest in their games. But hey, if this is what Microsoft's Fans want, more power to them.
EDIT: Oh goodie, the Fan Club is here and they're trying to spin this. *grabs popcorn*

sonarus3635d ago

we'll see how long this lasts

Starks3635d ago

Seems like Sony made the right choice.

FanboyKilla3632d ago

lol 4.99 for a demo? nice try. actually you get to play the game in its entirety for 5 days before release. then get money off if you go digital. but hurt. i would be too if i was you. lmfao incredible value for me a madden fan. thanks xone for the OPTION. xbox go to madden 15.

we didnt sign up for early access. its a plus, woooop!

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Godmars2903635d ago

Or Sony capitulating and allowing it on PS4.

XxExacutionerxX3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Looks like Ps4 gamers and fanboys have to wait, boo hoo hoo 5 whole days.

Enjoy your Playstation Now, lol 29.99 rentals, lol

(Believe in the cloud)

truefan13635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

A certain group of fans are hilarious, how many demos have we gotten this gen, seriously. We got some Lego demos and kinetic sports. You all were just looking for another reason to complain.

Also EA already made it clear subscribers get early access to the full game from the beginning. The main people that will buy these games will be EA Access members, no complaints my way. How dare EA offer special benefits to subscribers.

PS shouldn't you guys be directing your anger at Sony for not giving you a choice?

@tkc no you guys just think like a cult. Preordering for a beta is the same darn thing, stop acting like everything is new. Of the 10+ games I own, the only ones I played before I purchased was Titanfall and KI. It's a freaking demo which are rare anyway, you guys are just complaining because the program is on XB1. As many said Kojima released a game that can be beat in 4 minutes, yet ps4 fans at it up.Couldn't the same thing be said about DriveClub, can you play it free without PS plus?

Infamous2983635d ago

A delusional at work lol ;).

TKCMuzzer3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

No offence but sometimes you come out with some rubbish. People on the fence now have to subscribe to see if they will like a game, putting your money down no matter what the quality of the game, unacceptable.
So called gamers like you do not seem to understand what a bad president this is setting. It's exactly the kind of thing EA and Microsoft were dreaming up when they announced the Xbox one. This is one of the reasons EA got so cosy with Microsoft, $$$$$$$$$$.

P.S Sony did give us the choice, you just don't see it.

Stop trying to back up your argument with Drivel. Driveclub will be part of PS+, it's not an extra fee on top of what your already paying. And no, it's not because it's on the Xbox one. Jutifying something because you want it to get one over on another console is not seeing the bigger picture.

Even if EA access was on the PS4 I would not subscribe, simple as that.

uptownsoul3635d ago

I'm willing to bet Madden still sells better on PS4

badz1493635d ago


wow you have levitated yourself to another level of stupidity!

"how many demos have we gotten this gen, seriously. We got some Lego demos and kinetic sports. You all were just looking for another reason to complain."

you act like this gen has started 3 years ago! this gen just started last NOVEMBER 2013, which is merely 8 months ago and you are expecting tons of demos comparable to last gen which are already over 8 years old? how dumb can you be?

and you're trying to justify paying a subscription to play for demos which were free last gen and somehow trying to spin it as Sony fanboys hating on MS exclusive service! open your f'king eyes and start seeing this as the beginning of the end of free demos is it ever succeeded!

not that this is surprising coming from EA but what is more surprising is there are dumb fools out there cheering on this abomination? F U guys!

ziggurcat3635d ago


"A certain group of fans are hilarious..."

what does this have to do with "a certain group of fans"? it's an article from *polygon*, a website that is known to have been funded by MS.

"PS shouldn't you guys be directing your anger at Sony for not giving you a choice?"

you mean the choice of paying an extra $30 per year on top of our PS+ subscription that only offers a limited amount of content? especially when we get a lot more value for our money with PS+? yeah, no thank you... you can keep that "choice."

and what anger? i'm not seeing any anger here... just your usual nonsensical rant against playstation.

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Mikelarry3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Yeah this is what I got when they said "access to games early". I knew they were going to pull this stunt to add it as a bullet point as to why you should sign up.lol I don't understand why some are surprised by this when some rushed out to pay for the metal gear solid "demo" did you think EA was going to see that and not want a piece of that pie

THamm3635d ago

Don't compare any Ea demo to a Metal Gear demo. That's two different levels of value, MGS is excellence, ea isn't. Btw you probably would pay 30 for a 2 hr blu ray special edition movie

Mikelarry3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

@ thamm

how about you not try to pass opinion/ preference as fact. some would argue that it wasn't value but I digress.

also that is very hypocritical saying oh paying for one demo is ok but in the same sentence saying paying for demo via ea access is not value. you should not have to pay for a demo.

also again assuming about my spending habits, you don't know me and how i spend my money

testerg353635d ago

Or the GT demo for the PS3.

tgunzz3635d ago

I am already signed up, and downloading Fifa right now.. Pretty stoked about having this feature... Game on.

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SoapShoes3635d ago

Just more ways for EA to sucker money out of people. What next?

Monkeycan83635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

I knew it was too good to be true. EA is pretty scummy. Here comes your Poo award.

I'm actually happy this isn't on Ps4 I shouldn't have to pay to demo your games A-holes.