Rumour: Ready at Dawn - Wii Exclusive Developer

"In related PSP news, Ready at Dawn--previously a strong supporter of the PSP platform--has officially shuttered development on the portable so it can focus exclusively on the Wii."

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Intrepid3779d ago

Well hopefully they'll bring some good games to the Wii. And wow, Ubisoft really loves the PSP. 12 games in development... that's awesome.

Darkiewonder3779d ago

Don't get excited about the psp titles from ubi yet. Remember they are the ones that are bringing imaginez series game to the Wii. :x

lsujester3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I'd still like to see what Ready at Dawn could do with on a 360 or PS3, though. But I guess being a smaller developer, it would be harder to do a big budget game on those, considering they can do a Wii game cheaper and have a bigger possible audience.

Ah well, C'est la vie.

jkhan3779d ago

Well I remember they said that they were developing something for the PS3 or atleast that what they said that they are going to move to PS3.

lsujester3779d ago

He did say that they had two original IP's underway... no specifics as to what consoles they would be on, however. I think the rumor mill kind of stuck it to PS3 being he had said on another account that he thought PS3 would win the "next-gen" war.

supahbad3779d ago

this is just a rumor too, i could've sworn they already said that their next title was gonna be ps3 exclusive

Mu5afir3779d ago

Ready at Dawn is going Wii exclusive because the new Insomniac studio is going to take over most of the PSP development, so don't frat. And good luck to Ready at Dawn.. working on the Wii as a third party developer is hard enough for big name companies, let's see how they handle it.

supahbad3779d ago

actually [email protected] already said they were moving to consoles after GoW. its on their website i think its an interview w/ the prez

rhood0223779d ago

Except in another gamepro article, the president of RAD said they had no Wii titles in development.

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