Ready at Dawn Working on Xbox 360/PS3 Game?

News hit a few days ago that Ready at Dawn has sent back its PSP dev kits and won't be creating PSP software in the foreseeable future. Not surprisingly, there is speculation as to which platform(s) the studio's next project will be for. It seems that whatever the hardworking dev puts out next, it won't be on Wii, either.

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The Karate Kid3783d ago

Oh gosh, Metal Gear comes out in a few hours here in Cali. Do we really care about this news?

3783d ago
Bnet3433783d ago

Yeah seriously, I don't really care about it even if I had a PS3. Not my type of game. Just like a lot of people didn't give a rats ass about Halo 3.

Aclay3783d ago

My first guess is that Ready at Dawn might be working on a Playstation 3 Exclusive, and my next thought is that they could be working on a Multiplatform 360/PS3 game title.

Ready at Dawn is comprised of former members of Naughty Dog so basically there are people in the company that are pretty familiar when it comes to dealing with Sony and working on Playstation projects. Plus they've developed 2 successful PSP game titles as well.... You just never know, Ready at Dawn could be the next Insomniac calibur developer for the PS3.

The reason why they sent back the PSP Dev. Kits is probably because they wanted to move on to Bigger things on the PS3/360, and they probably have had a new IP in mind that they've wanted to develop for a while as well.

DrWan3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

actually has really good relationships with Sony, the president of RAD left Naughty dog willingly like Jaffie did with Santa Monica. He didn't get fired and Sony gave them Daxter and God of War PSP to produce which are both extremely popular titles so that means Sony knows that they are skillful at making games. You don't just pass on Jak and Daxter and GoW franchise name off to just newbie developers.

And of course, with the Daxter and GoW PSP Bundle, these guys are making insane amount of money off of these two games eventhough homebrew maybe rampant.

The money they earn has help them grow as well over the past 5 years. I really see them doing a PS3 game. But I do not rule out 360, the reason i am saying this is because if they are doing a exclusive PS3 title why didn't they just come out and say so? It is very odd for them to hush hush if it was PS3, since they have been already been associated with the PS family. They must not want to anger any PS fans so they are hush hush, my guess is a multiplatform title eventhough I dont want that to happen. The reason being, most Multiplat sucks @ss. I rather them do it for one or the other.

dragunrising3783d ago

I have Daxter, GOWCOO, and Okami Wii and wouldn't mind another AAA game. These guys/girls seem to know what their doing.

Kain813783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

Iam sure^^

TH3 GAM33783d ago

I really think their next game is going to be PS3 exclusive. Sony definitely has a good relationship with these guys.