First Dead Island 2 Sunshine & Slaughter Gameplay Trailer

Today, Deep Silver reveals the first gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2, the next instalment in the multi-million-selling Dead Island franchise. The video shows Pre-Alpha in-game footage and gives a first impression on how beautiful sunshine and bloody melee violence meet once again – this time in the sunny realms of California. Dead Island 2 is scheduled for release in Spring 2015 from development studio YAGER and will be available on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, as well as Windows PC.

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Golden_Mud3576d ago

This game looks.....FREAKING AWESOME , it have that Dead Rising 1 and 2 feeling in first person , but yah it lost the Dead Island 1 seriousness.

Goro3576d ago

I liked the seriousness, this looks similar to the change from Saints Row 2 to 3.

Golden_Mud3576d ago

vice versa happened to Dead Rising 3 tho , it had a lot of seriousness /:

The_Eternal_one3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

I liked it being more serious too. DR3 felt too arcade to me and easy.

AceBlazer133575d ago

Did I just read a mini XB1 ad in the description? Anyway, enjoyed the first definitely trying this 1.

guitarded773575d ago

The trailer reminds me of a 70's Horror/Exploitation flick. Hope the game has that vibe throughout.

UltraNova3575d ago

Good setting, good-looking (if the trailer is anything to go by) and most importantly extreme dismemberment done right!! (Visceral Games, take a note)


PLASTICA-MAN3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

What engine this Dead Island 2 uses? because the first one used UE3 and it looked like ****! Now this game looks completely next-gen and light years better than dying light or Dead Rising 3 or any zombie game claiming to be next-gen. I don't think it is UE4 though !

Edit: NVM, the first one used chrome engine 5 and now it seems they use a newer version of their engine.

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frostypants3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Looks like a ton of fun, but setting it in California is kind of tired and weak. I know suburban sprawls are easier to render, but c'mon. After GTAV I'm just burnt out on the setting. Would be much more interesting in a dense urban environment with skyscrapers and the like. Sure, maybe it will have a downtown LA, but it's not the same.

johndoe112113576d ago

No offense bro but, don't be "that guy".

cellur1113575d ago

I feel the same way. Im not sure I want to buy this anymore I dont feel like going back to LA again.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan3575d ago

I don't know, it might be funny to see some celebrity look alike zombies or some overdressed ones. I'm sure they'll find many ways to make it worth the big city setup.

Hercules1893575d ago

just like the millions of games and movies set in NYC. Can you give examples of a setting that is actually unique.

Nougati3575d ago

Whoa I didn't realise this was an issue for some people.
I have this image in my head of you just going "yeah! Awesome trailer! Cool!" then seeing that it's set in California and being "It's no longer cool I have to rip on this game now."

mogwaii3575d ago

Totally agree, california/LA is played the f**k out! Show us something fresh.

UltraNova3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Tokyo? Beijing? Dubai with all those huge malls would be conveniently filled with zombie shoppers for us to eviscerate.

But I guess devs like to use cities within their reach..hence New York and LA are featured in basically 9/10 games...

TheSaint3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

It's not going to stop me buying it but I agree to an extent, there are other countries and cities that would be just as good that haven't been done to death.

frostypants3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Let me start by saying the game looks fun...which I already noted...BUT...

@johndoe1121, what do you mean? Setting is a major aspect of the game. A game filled with lots of small structures and minimal foliage is less interesting, and on another level a game set in an environment that's been beaten to death already ("oh look, it's video game East LA...again...") is less than ideal. It's every bit as important as graphics and gameplay, because it largely defines what the player sees and how the player approaches enemies. The greatest graphics in the world can't make a sprawling mass of 1-story hovels look interesting.

@Nougati, it's possible to appreciate some elements of what they see and not others. For normal people who can think critically, anyway.

@Hercules189, I don't care really what they call the setting...I'm just saying that I feel like LA gets picked because it has relatively few large structures, lots of sprawl, and hardly any foliage. It's just easy to render, and the devs can cop-out by saying "well that's just what LA looks like and we were going for realism". Ideally I'd like more variety and stuff to look at...a DENSE cityscape, a DENSE forest area, etc. They can call it "New Chicagatlanta, Alabama" for all I care. Or call it LA, but ignore reality and make it interesting...bigger skyline, a more Northern Californian wilderness, etc. Stylize the hell out of it.

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Kidmyst3576d ago

I wonder if they'll have a weapon duplication glitch again. That really made the game even more fun.

silvacrest3575d ago

easy you mean, it spoiled the game for me

showtimefolks3575d ago

i hope this time there is some real single player story which isn't so bare bone

other than that the gameplay/settings is awesome

3575d ago
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OpieWinston3576d ago

Please Please Please!
Tell me they got rid of the BS leveling system in Dead Island.
It's no longer Techland so I hope they got rid of Dead Islands biggest problem.

Kane223576d ago

actually like the rpg elements in dead island. and i believe that is still in part 2

The_Eternal_one3576d ago

Same for me and I hope it's still in this one.

The_Eternal_one3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

I know right lol you kill stuff you get XP, you complete missions you get XP. Just like in any game with a leveling system. I'm not really sure what he/she is talking about.

memots3576d ago

he is one of those gamer that one everything unlock maxed out when you start the game.

Probably buys shortcut pack for those Ea games.

lsujester3576d ago

My problem with it is that it made the difficulty really uneven at times, depending on when and where you were leveling up. I wouldn't call it BS, but I think it could use some adjustment.