Revealed! Salaries of MS, Google, Apple etc, the website that reveals the salaries of some of the biggest tech companies in the world, including Apple and Microsoft, has gone live. gadget zone has some of the initial figures earned by software engineers at four of the biggest tech companies. You'll will certainly be surprised at who pays the lowest of the four companies compared in this news piece.

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Says you3781d ago

Or any other Asian corporations I know this is only got to do with PC related corporations.

Meus Renaissance3781d ago

Brits make more. Then again cost of living cost more here. But that's why I'm saving up and moving to the States!

v1c1ous3781d ago

u got ur bubbles back :D

KingKirchner3781d ago

I wouldn't move to the States till we at least start to get our Economy back in order. The USD has been dropping in value since Bush was elected.

IdleLeeSiuLung3781d ago

When your exchange rate is at the lowest for you.... Although getting a stable job is a different story.

Panthers3781d ago

Ya. We complain about gas being $4 a gallon when it is a lot more over there. Still, I thought I would never see $4 until I was at least 40.

thekingofMA3781d ago

it's still the best in the world, no?

and $4 is just the beginning...

GIJeff3781d ago

the station down the street from me went up .20 today. Now its 4.69 for the cheapo. This is going to be really funny when nobody in the US is buying gas, whats the poit of buying gas to go to work to buy gas?

Tomdc3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

UK should really switch to the euro now, both the dollar and pound are growing weaker against it. Before we had a reason not to switch due to our very strong pound =) but now we should.

Those software enginers won't make nearly as much as the people in managerial roles will anyway...

LJWooly3780d ago

I'm not too sure I'd like to switch to the Euro, and just about everyone I know is against it, too.

Bubble Buddy3780d ago

dun worry, meus, have another one :). Google's workplace is pretty sick. They got loads of stuff there.

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Bladestar3781d ago

mmm no wonder Apple has so much money to spend on Vista/PC bashing... they are ripping off their employees...

TheExodus3781d ago

Is Apple ripping off their employees or are Goodle/Microsoft employees ripping off their employer? Think about who has the best software... think about it. Hmm, interesting no?

thewhoopimen3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Unlike MS campus where the opulence and grandiose accoutrements is all show, Apple's campus is very laid back. There is a super casual dress code where you can literally walk in and work with your bathrobe on. Everyone gets free apple schwag and gear. Food is fresh made by professional chef/catering and very good. Apple's employees work hard and party hard. People actually enjoy working for the company so...

y0haN3781d ago

lol @ apple fanboys jumping in to defend poorer wages.


i am not an apple fan, i do not own a single apple product...

but i do agree, if they pay less but have a better working environment people will stay and work better.

when you really and truly enjoy what you do, thats when it stops being work. The reward you get from it is something else outside of money.

thats not to say you pay them nothing however...

MicroDeath SoftStar3781d ago

personal i work for the 3rd largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world and i get paid very well but i would trade 40% of my income in a heartbeat if i knew that in doing so i would be treated like a human being let alone as good as these softies from apple , hell i would do that job for free .
Working for STMicroelectronics is like being an officer in the german army and having the Gestapo breathing down your neck 24/7 ,these people take every last drop out of you and translate it to profit with no consideration of how much stress they put on you . Kinda makes me wish that the world was like cuba with there extreme communistic ideas/simple life and not this free market capitalist monster of a world we all helped to create

Bladestar3780d ago

mmmm... so are you saying that people that work for Google, Yahoo and microsoft are not treated like humans and now being torture feeded to the dogs? lol! apparently you guys already have it all figure out.. if you get paid less you must be happy, but if you get pay more you must be miserable... mmm... forget this I am dropping my carrier as a software developer... and getting a position at burger king flipping burgers since they pay a lot less! and less means they treat me well...

did it every cross your mind that maybe just maybe working for microsoft and google probably means ... mmm.. they get pay more because both of those companies generate more revenue than apple?

LJWooly3780d ago

I think you just misunderstood everyone, Bladestar...

thewhoopimen3780d ago

Seriously bladestar how old are you. Is everything so black and white for you? Higher Wages no more equates slave labor vs. lower wages being great work environment. There is no exact correlation. I know that Microsoft is known to drill their employees pretty hard. On the otherhand Google treats its employees very well but requires a high level of work output. According a friend of mine who works at Google, unless ur a high level exec, every employee is signed up to a year-by-year work contract... That means within a year, they can elect to renew your contract or terminate it. The Google campus here in Irvine is very nice and has weekly seafood nights where they invite employees to have Lobster and King Crab.

@disagree if you disagree with my statement, plz tell me why, because calling me an apple fanboi is just retarded. What I spout is what i've read b4 or what friends tell me working there.

AceLuby3780d ago

I had 2 friends that worked for them in Seattle. One was in software development and they got all kinds of perks (free/discounted M$ stuff, great benefits, etc...) and it was a pretty laid back job. Another was a executive secretary and made bank w/ the same perks as a developer.

While I usually don't agree w/ Bladestar and I don't like M$ from a consumer standpoint, it is a good company to work for.

JIN KAZAMA3780d ago

you are a complete tool. You seem to be so full of rage and anger and misunderstanding of what people are saying or what their point is, and you just rant on and on about some non-sense! You have totally missed the point by some of the comments. Its bad enough when you dont get points about gaming comments, but now even in other news, you just have a one track mind and tunnel vision to your comments and dont really understand what people are trying to get across. Do yourself a favor and not post anymore comments, you just make yourself look like a bigger tool.

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A happy worker is a productive worker though, so one can only assume there is some seriously cheerful music booming out of an iPod somewhere at Apple HQ. -

LOL. not after reading this article

nirun3781d ago

they probably get mad perks though

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