Gears of War Action Figures in the Works

Cliff Bleszinski, Gears of War's lead designer, has expressed on many occasions his desire to see one day a Gears of War action figures line. Well, it seems CliffyB will see his dream come true.

In a thread at the official Gears of War forum that discusses a potential GoW action figures line, Epic Games' Mark Rein has confirmed that the company is working in a Gears of War action figures line, although he said it is "too early to give details."

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PS360PCROCKS4354d ago

That's cool, Marcus Fenix is an interesting creation by Epic, they did a phenomonal job creating a character that not only is and looks bad as* but at the same time they created a character you could relate to when it comes to what he was going through.

Arkham4354d ago

Great, now all those 12-yr olds who can't buy the M-Rated game can have at least something Gears-related.

Now, back to my Armored Core "Collectibles". ;)

THWIP4354d ago

...make it happen, Epic.

Nuff said.

Arkham4354d ago

McFarlane would do a wicked job on those. The GOW-look just screams MFT.