300GB Holographic CD's Will Be Available This Week.

There was a rumor for some time now, that a large capacity disc will be developed, but nothing on-topic has proven so yet. Now, Hitachi-Maxell is planning to organize a showcase this week, and present to the open public their new 300GB holographic CD's. It does seem like this is Science-Fiction, but I can assure you it's not.

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2tired2day2hate4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

a week after the launch of blu rays biggest player, a superior disc comes out. i know it will be a while before its affordable, but this does make you wonder if blu ray and hd dvd players are worth buying

kmis874352d ago

Maybe in 30 years when they have 3420p "true" hdtvs that output 16.1 surround, we might need 300gb discs. Until then there's really no multimedia applications for this, only backing up data.

MissAubrey4352d ago

I cant believe they hold that much!

Marty83704352d ago

£15,000 for reader,No threat to Blu-ray or HD-DVD.

Marriot VP4352d ago

I think Blu-ray or HD-DVD players at 600-1000, are no threat to DVD and upscaled DVD.

Atleast for the next couple years

unleash bass4352d ago

I bet the PS4 will have one of those in it, cus Sony will reckon that the games need it. Ha Ha.

BURLY4352d ago

Thus, eventhough there are far superior (and potentially cheaper) storage solutions than Blu-Ray (available in the not too distant future); ...Sony does not own the intellectual rights to those technologies and so their strategy would be to force an expensive format change onto the consumer now by throwing a cross-subsidized trojan horse into their PS3 and hyping its value.

By establishing a foothold on the market, they stand to reap major royalty fees and (since the market will not stand for another expensive format change) they will have prevented these future technologies from establishing themselves.

This is unfourtunate because Sony was able to curtail the consumer's choice and dictate the course of action, based on their own self interests. To techie's (like myself): Sony's pathetic attempt to rationalize their choices (via their propaganda and arrogant "buy-in" campaign's) is an insult.

Considering, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray is relatively useless for games (and compression technology is only getting better); Microsoft was the company that acted as a better agent for the consumer by offering choice and not self interested force!

Similarily speaking; HD-DVD involved practically no infrastructure cost upgrades (to current DVD manufacturing processes) and that is why many companies supported it. It was the perfect transitionary medium, considering there are far superior alternatives, just down the horizon.

PS: Fanboys and their unrivalled brand loyalty, is what allows Sony to do what is best for themselves and not for the consumer.

But abusive actions and company arrogance also opens the door for other companies to enter the market and make inroads by acting as a better agent, on behalf of the consumer.

...Enter Microsoft, into the videogame market!

Rock on 360, rock on!

kmis874352d ago

Don't think that Microsoft's actions were completely altruistic. If they weren't forced to have to beat the ps3 to the market, they probably would have tried to further the adoption of hddvds through the 360, instead of just releasing an add on.

Grown Folks Talk4352d ago

if the add-on was also for games. it's only for movies, so no reason to incorporate it into the system. if you want hd movies you pay for it, if not, you don't. p.s. BOOMER SOONER!!!

kmis874352d ago

If Microsoft had launched in 06 instead of 05, and the ps3 had launched in 07, we would have seen Microsoft put a hddvd drive in the 360, and the argument would be about whether 30gb is enough or if 50gb was needed.

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mellowspaz4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

1.6 terrabytes by 2010!