PS Vita 1000 OLED & Vita 2000 LCD Screen Difference Corrected by Japanese Developer Via Tint Filter

Many weren't exactly happy about the change to a LCD screen with the PS Vita 2000. Other think that the colors on the OLED screen of the PS Vita 1000 are too bright, so the Japanese publisher Prototype decided to solve the problem and try to make everyone happy with a tint filter.

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Mikey322301528d ago

The colors wernt so much a big deal to me.. When i looked at comparisons between the two, the OLED was actually sharper and whiter.

The tinting may be able to help correct the white-balance slightly, but i dont see how it could brighten the LCD display more than it's maximum

gedapeleda1528d ago

They should'v used WRBG tech, just like they have it with xperia p. It makes the screen supper bright and consumes very little energy.

ninjahunter1528d ago

The OLED can be pretty intense, some of the dark to light transitions in killzone are like staring at a super nova.

nevin11528d ago

Can Sony automatically do this for all Vita games?

Abriael1528d ago

They probably could, but this is implemented via software in the game.

ColeMacGrath1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

So all it requires is some visual editing to equalize the two models' graphics, why didn't Sony do it from the first place with a software update?

Emanno1528d ago

I don't see anything wrong with LCD.

SSJBen1528d ago

There was nothing wrong with it, whoever thought it was is insane.

But the point is, the OLED screen, whichever way you want to argue, it is a cold-hard-truth that it does provide punchier colors, wider color gamut and deeper contrast. There's no 2 ways about it, nothing to argue here.

But once again, I stress and everyone should understand by now: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with the IPS LCD on the 2000. It's still a beautiful screen.

Dante811528d ago

Enjoy the fact that you won't have to suffer from burn-in. The real problem with the Vita, though, is the lack of a microsd slot.

Firebird3601528d ago

I have the oled vita but to me the colors are overdone and too colorful, I think I actually prefer the look of the lcd.

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The story is too old to be commented.