Konami regrets for the possible delay of MGS4 due to transport strike in Europe

Few minutes ago, Konami has sent a communique in which it regrets what happened to users, even when this delay is not due to company stock, but to others. The title, which officially arrives tomorrow June 12 to stores, could not be distributed in all establishments over Europe.


Sorry, it seems to be only in Spain. Now you all can go to your local shop with a smile in your face. :-)

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ENNO3782d ago

If I dont get my copy of MGS4 tomorrow im will tear those delivery companys a new hole!!!!

Sayai jin3782d ago

Relax, I bet you will recieve your copy, but I won't. BTW, your use of language in the "Report Story" goes against N4G rules. Come on, you can get your point across without using words like that.

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Sayai jin3782d ago

The article may be for Spain, but I know the same thing is happening in the part of Germany I live in. I called the local Gamestop today and ask the individual about my preorder and he told me that due to shipping problems that MGS4 did not arrive when expected and will not be released n the 12th. He went on to say that many people had been calling about it, but it was not going to effect their sales that much becuase they were not going to do a midnight launch anyway. Right now it sucks, for me, but oh well.

Turbo Teddy3782d ago

Well here in Denmark they got it. Im getting mine with the post tomorrow, and the company said that they already get new ones on Friday, so it can only be the countries that use Spain as a distribution central.

Sayai jin3782d ago

Nope its happening in parts of Germany as well.

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