Amazon Drops PS Vita Slim Price, Bundle With Five Action Games, 8GB Card For Just £135

Playstation Vita Slim has received a massive price drop on Amazon UK. The retailer is selling Playstation Vita Slim bundle with 8GB memory card and a total of five action title for just £135. This is currently the best deal for Playstation Vita in Europe.

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bothebo1560d ago

That's a good freaking deal

JackOfAllBlades1560d ago

Vitas are amazing, especially if you love RPG games

MegaRay1560d ago

Great! Even PC master race know Vita's potential.

thatbasedgamer19901560d ago

Holy crap thats a damn steal!!!

nevin11560d ago

Am I reading this right, but it seemed like they listed 2 PSP games in GOW:COO and Killzone: Liberation.

Will 8GB be enough to download these games.

No US version?

GenericNameHere1560d ago

I personally think 8GB is still WAY TOO SMALL. I have a 64GB, and I only have 10GB of free space left. A few more months of free Vita games, and I'll be all out of space.

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