Wired Hands-On: Spore Creature Creator

Wired writes: "During Tuesday's Spore press event at Maxis Software's studios, I grabbed the first randomly generated blob I stumbled across and pulled at both ends, not entirely sure what I was going for, but enraptured by the entire process nonetheless.

Maybe it's the wait: It's been roughly four years since rumors of a sort of "Sim everything" got attached to the name Spore. It seems like ages since then, with no game emerging to give me the chance to while away the hours creating creatures that stumble out of the primordial ooze to conquer tribes, build cities and explore planets. And then, after years of waiting and wondering, I'm dropped in front of the Spore Creature Creator. Now what?

Other guests around me flexed their artistic muscles, crafting elegant birds, ferocious insects or (usually) convoluted amalgams of limbs and claws and teeth. I, on the other hand, oriented my attempt at a serpent the wrong way, so I flipped the spine over and slapped on a mole-mouth and a hefty waistline, because it looked hilarious."

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