Best Buy is Matching Wal-Marts $100 Gift Card On All Blu-ray Players including MGS4 Bundle forum members have the heads up that Best Buy is matching Wal-marts Blu-ray player deal. They will match the gift card for any blu-ray player including PS3. This includes the MGS4 Bundle:

"Best Buy sent out a memo to all stores stating they will be matching Walmart's $100 gift card offer on all Blu Ray players. The memo says to use the same Package SKU# 6867688 as last week. It clearly states the PS3 subclass, which the MGS4 bundle is classified under.

Update on my previous MGS4 Bundle stock, I check BB's RSS and it showed most stores receiving between 22-60 units at launch. The stores with Midnight launches were getting 40-60, non-midnight launch stores getting 20-26 units."

There is also an online link to Best Buy for finding Midnight Launch stores!

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eagle213878d ago

Best Buy is the best place to head first! :)

vitz33878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Always has been. I never buy anything from those evil GameStop/EB Games stores. Best Buy, Amazon, Wal Mart in that order. If I can't find something then I hit eBay.

The only reason I have contact with EBgames and GameStop is to check if they have Battletoads for PS3 or NES in stock.

Anons will know.