Gamers sue EA over football exclusivity

Gamespot writes:

Electronic Arts already has antitrust issues on its plate, given that the company is currently seeking federal approval to acquire Take-Two Interactive. Last week that plate got a little more crowded when a pair of gamers in Washington, DC and California filed suit against the publisher in the US District Court of Northern California, alleging "blatantly anticompetitive conduct" in the way that it has cornered the football-gaming genre.

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TrevorPhillips3783d ago

that is a disappointment for EA and alot of money for the gamers

cLiCK_sLiCK93783d ago

They have the NFL license. Just imagine what SONY First Party developers can do with this.....Cell...blu-ray....Exc lusive...
*starts drooling*
Just pisses me off, we wont see a true NEXTGEN NFL game anytime soon.....
.....Madden isnt wat it used to be.....sigh*

jvillan3783d ago

Yea EA should just retire Madden's jersey... Sorry madden but you had a nice career, but its time to step down...

EA should start from scratch and use the Euphoria physics engine


okcomputer3783d ago

Euphoria for football would be an awesome idea. Those canned animations are getting so old.

Skerj3783d ago

IIRC EA's been using Natural Motion's Endorphin for their sports titles for a few years now, they just didn't tout it like Euphoria has been now.

dcbronco3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

The only euphoria involving Madden is EAs joy that people still buy that crap.
I hope they win, All-Pro 2K8 was the first football game I had bought since 2K5. I haven't bought Madden since Madden '02, and was only used for the ability to design plays. I rarely played games.

kai_h3783d ago

I don't think that any Madden games have used Natural Motion's engine yet. Or else there would be no point in Natural Motion making and releasing Backbreaker, a football game made by Natural Motion which is powered by their Euphoria engine (it's said to be released some time in 2008).

Skerj3783d ago

I'm fairly sure I'm correct as I've been using NM's products for nearly 4 years now (long before the masses knew what it was) and EA was listed on the site as one of the purchasers of the middleware.

Also, just because a company makes a competing product doesn't mean that the company selling the middleware can't create their own games regardless. If that were the case then mostly every game running on the Unreal engine wouldn't exist, the same with things running on Renderware from Criterion.

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TrevorPhillips3783d ago

but still EA has alot of money i want to know how much the gamers got for suing EA

MrWonderful3783d ago

i should have thought of this

The gaming GOD3783d ago

I'm shocked that something like this didn't happen sooner

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