Mass Effect Trilogy Gets Honest Trailer

Well, we all saw this coming. The folks over at ‘Smosh Games’ have uploaded an Honest Trailer for Bioware’s RPG series, Mass Effect. As always, this trailer is hilarious and spot on.

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Hellsvacancy2243d ago

Awesome, love these Honest Trailers

My first Mass Effect playthrough I played as a d!ck, most of the time, I played it again obviously as Mr Nice, it wasn't as fun

Magicite2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Gotta love first line: ''From the Canadian RPG masters[Bioware], who sold their souls to the American devil[EA].''

I love both Honest Game Trailers and Honest Movie Trailers, they are often nail on.

P_Bomb2243d ago

Love it!! Battletoad lol

coolbeans2243d ago

I honestly liked Gamefront's ME3 Honest Game Trailer more than this one.

GW2122243d ago

That was hilarious. Spot on.

illminded322243d ago

Lmao great job,funniest game related thing I seen in a minute.

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