The Fanboy War has to Stop

This name calling and discussion breaking fanboy stuff has to end. Now I’m not speaking of the discussions of the merits of a system or even a technical discussion about why you one console may be technical superior over the other. No what I speak of is the poeple who interjects into intelligent conversation with their hate spewing comments and completely destroying what was intelligent discourse between two or more people.

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mrpsychoticstalker3330d ago

Why should it stop?

There will always be fanboyism

We see it in sports
IIn competitions
In games
In consoles
In brands

It makes everything much more fun and gives the particular (sport, competition, brand, game, console) more meaning.

Cueil3330d ago

I don't think the arguments need to stop... or the discussions that's what makes this stuff fun, but I think the dirty and aggressive stuff needs to go away... and it's just my opinion of course.

randomass1713329d ago

Well said. Consider yourself bubbled.

AngelicIceDiamond3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Sure but let me break it down like this. And as per usual I am going to tell it exactly how it is and how I'm currently seeing it.

Sony took jabs at MS and necessary jabs at EA E3 for no apparent reason.

Sony told a white lie about BF Hardline alpha version will be running at 1080p.

Sony turning down EA Access.

Last but not least Killzone Shadowfall not running at 1080p and now are currently getting sued over it.

Now some of these accusations are worse than others but it seems fanboys aren't batting an eye towards on any this its like Sony gets a slap on the wrist with a few negative written articles about it.

But yet a single Xbox game that's 900p gets all the hate, trolling and ridiculed with numerous negative articles written about it afterwards like its something new in Xbox version of games.

Sony turning down EA access is an interesting one only because Sony said its not for our fanbase knowingly their fanboys will defend and obey there decision at the same time defend PSNOW.

Now I truly think the last accusation is ridiculous in itself simply because of the resolution-gate is actually taking money right out of somebodies pocket.

A manufacturer is actually getting sued Over resolution? It really got so bad fanboys are suing Sony over this?

You see it wouldn't so bad if fanboys didn't put resolution on the highest pedestal this generation and actually focused on the damn games like I been stating.

The fanboy is developing perception that's turning into actual real world altering consequence. I thought I would never see the day yes these fanboys need to be controlled.

There's no telling what they could do next.

Prime1573329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I agree with Cueil... The hateful, trolling fanboys need to go. However. The ones that can be objective and create discussion while listening to the others are good.

Then there are closet fanboys like angelic, who always make great points but need help on the delivery. Sometimes you can't tell if he's'she's serious as the opposite fanboy can point out just as many counter arguments about Microsoft....

That's where the fanboy wars start... failing to deliver a good argument by over arguing one side's faults without acknowledging the other's faults.

dcbronco3329d ago

The problem is the lack of integrity in commenting. If people were consistent and honest there could be a civil debate. But when so many people in society, not just gaming, choose sides over the truth or even reality it's hard to have a good conversation. I believe N4G needs to go back to a separate section for normal conversation and one for fanboys to drive hits. The moderators would have a lot fewer comments to monitor, the nonsense won't drive away more educated readers and fanboy nonsense would get you banned.

We need a section with a ban-hammer.

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salmon_slapped3330d ago

Out of all the communities I'm involved with gaming is by far the worst. Yes there are fanboys elsewhere but none of them take it as far.

Ex. some people are huge fans of Ford or Chevy or Dodge, but they can still respect other brands. They may insult fans, but never make threats or tell people to kill themselves which has happened from this gen, and that's simply taking it to far.

468893373329d ago

I rarely see death threats being spouted by videogame fanboys. Either way, those are present in music and movie fanbases as well.

Cueil3329d ago

Sports is pretty bad especially the two Footballs

Prime1573329d ago

I don't know, "swatting" is a thing. Fez's creator and flappy bird's creator quit because of threats...

Religion has the worst fans ever. Crusades of genocide... sports fans physically fight each other... politics are opinion-based and has assassinations...

I'd say gamers are annoying, but somewhat calm comparatively.

iceman063329d ago

I don't know about that. In the end, this isn't really life or death. It's just games. Try going to a news site after they post an article about religion, race, politics, or sexual preference. Trust me, you will be begging to come back to N4G because none of what we talk about here has that serious of an effect on people's lives. Those topics that I just mentioned...well...they impact everybody in one way or another.

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tinynuggins3329d ago

I don't think they need to stop. I just think that the discussions should be more intelligent and less embarrassing.

crusf3329d ago

"Introduce a little anarchy in the established order"

KwietStorm_BLM3329d ago

There is literally nothing fun about coming to a particular site on the regular, or group of sites really, to get your daily updates and news, with the occasional like-minded discussion, only to have to wade through the fanboy waters like you're escaping Alcatraz. It's a cesspool no matter what site. And the thing is, most of these people are taking it seriously. They actually have a hatred for the "other" platform, and it helps NOTHING. It's pathetic how far some people take it. Some of the thoughts they out on screen are down right demented.

SegaGamer3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I agree completely KwietStorm. Since the reveal of the Xbox One and PS4 it has gotten way out of hand. In the comments section of every single piece of news about the Xbox One or PS4 it is full of absolute crap that is so childish it makes the gaming community look pathetic.

It ends up being 5 pages of nonsense. People just need to grow up.

You're right, it's not fun in the slightest, it makes this site unbearable.

MRMagoo1233329d ago


It was exactly like that last gen with ps3 and 360 , just this time xbone is getting all the attacks and that's the only reason people want it to stop, I can bet if the ps4 was getting smashed world wide like the xbone is there would not even be an article about this in the first place. I am not saying it's good or bad but this concern about fanboy wars was completely missing last gen yet this gen it's been all about "can't we all just get along"

AAWELLS093329d ago

Totally agree and unfortunately it's never gonna stop. I rarely comment anywhere anymore. DSOGaming in now one of worst. Go there and run through a few articles see some of the worst sh*t you'll ever see. I loved that site at one time.

Jay70sgamer3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago ) are completely right...ive been gaming since the 70s and its the worse now than its ever been ...i remember Atari, colecovision,intellivision competition ...also the nintendo,sega competition and it was never this bad ..i agree people are gonna like what they like but the putting down of other consoles is stupid and immature just because its not the console you have or like......enjoy what you enjoy and have fun and be happy and stop wishing the end of a console its not that serious ....true gamers know this

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gamerfan09093329d ago

Your point is half right and half wrong. When I root for a sports team I usually root for that team because 1 I was born in the city the team represents, 2 a player I lik is on the team, or it was ingrained in me from childhood to like that team. The thing is I love the yankees. I'm a Yankee fanboy, but I don't hate the other 29 teams and hate baseball outside of my little bubble. The problem is you have people that say they're gamers, but then completely thrash another 50 percent or more of people producing content that making the art what it is.

Drithe3329d ago

I could not have put it better. Good job mrpsycho!

AngelicIceDiamond3329d ago

Well yeah but there should be individuals who would want to control it. Stopping it is impossible but there is something you can do about it.

starchild3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I don't agree. It's as stupid in sports as in any other area. It's nothing but a form of primitive tribalism. An us vs them mentality.

DefenderOfDoom23329d ago

Depends on the fans . Some fans of sport teams , consoles , ect... could go at each other , with a fun attitude . But some fans can be....well not so nice.

xX1NORM1Xx3329d ago

I'm sorry but in what way in name calling, death threats, racism and homophobia fun last I checked none of those were fun at all.

bennissimo3329d ago

<waiting for the first person to actually from in a resolution debate>

MuhammadJA3329d ago

We need the open zone back. I remember all the laughs I had from fanboys arguing with their lame spelling and everything! XD

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_FantasmA_3329d ago

No, no, no. The show must go on.

Cueil3329d ago

I agree, but the ugly stuff should be ignored