Fatal Inertia EX hits US PSN next week

Koei have annouced that there high speed racer Fatal Inertia will be released on Thursday 19th June on the US Playstation Store for a price of $29.99. A demo will also be released alongside the game.

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Silogon3784d ago

hmmm, next week huh? That doesn't boed well for this weeks update then. That blows. We won't get anything I bet due to MGS4. Not that I was going to buy Inertia but still, It'd be nice to have something to chew on this week... I'd dl the demo and then decide. The way it is now, doesn't look like we get much of anything tomorrow.

We all know july is in game xmb so that won't go over for us.

Mario183784d ago

bro, one thing, stfu because you don't even have a PS3, and in-game XMB is coming out in June...

Roth3784d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 is more enough to tie me over, anyone planning on releasing anything at the same time as that beast is pretty stupid.

Thargoth3784d ago

Aww and I just started downloading the demo from JPN store.

resistance1003784d ago

No interest in this game, not with Wipeout HD coming out soonish

jvillan3784d ago

Downloaded demo from Japanese store... no way this game is worth $30... not when you can get warhawk for the same price...


crazy250003784d ago

I'll definitely buy Wipeout HD though

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