Battlefield Bad Company Multiplayer Maps

The latest intel on the Multiplayer Locations of Battlefield Bad Company.

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yoghurt3876d ago

More maps! I'm addicted to just the demo one! looking forward to this coming out cross between COD4 and warhawk.

Hulligan853876d ago

The only thing that im disappointed with is the amount of game modes.

Only having two game modes means multiplayer is going to get repetative very quickly imo.

mariusmal3876d ago

umh maybe not. i only play 2 modes in cod4 and im not bored with it.

btw the page seems to be offline

Old Snake3876d ago

This game is sweet. Battlefield multiplayer has always been awesome, now that it has a solid story it could be a real sleeper

Karebear3875d ago

LOVED the demo. I wish the chopper's were easier to fly or anything. Maybe incorporate six axis for control (did I miss that option?).

This game came from nowhere for me. I wouldn't have given it a second look without the demo.

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