Where have all the system sellers gone?

Destructoid writes: "With Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots being released ever so soon, a few of us here at Dtoid started discussing what effect the game's release could have on Sony's big black console. Would it be the the system seller that so many think it may be? Will it be it the title Sony needs for the PS3 to gain mass market appeal and get a bigger foothold in the industry? And more importantly, is there a even such a thing as a "system selling" game these days?

While we didn't get around to coming up with definitive answers to all these burning questions (oh, how they burn), we did have something that is rarely seen on the Internet: An actual conversation. And after the jump you'll be able to see my take on Sony's current market position and how, if at all, MGS 4 will affect it."

The article provides an in-depth analysis of how the Big Three make money off of videogames, and goes on to discuss whether or not MGS 4 can be a system seller (if such a thing still exists).

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Wildarmsjecht3785d ago

Wow...what an...article? I'm not sure with some of the negativity it displayed. Still it had ONE good point. 200 dollars is the right spot. But trying to get there while not making ur system crappy is another thing.

Veryangryxbot3784d ago

Unless you are blind, that was obviously aimed at Nintendo.

Silogon3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

So the most biased site in the gaming world has an opinion against Sony? Doesn't surprise me none. What does surprise me is the fact that Sony is sitting 5 million out from the xbox 360's install base and are beating them in every region but 1. This is just after 1 and a half years on the market compared to nearly 3 for the xbox 360.

Sounds like Sony is doing pretty good when you look at it objectively.


Since I've only got 1 bubble now "ha"

What I'd also like to stress is this. It shouldn't ever be up to one game to make or break a system. It's not MGS4's job to sell Ps3's. It's Sony's and the only way they can do that is supply enough of these MGs4 type games to the market at the right intervals.

MGS4 might just be a 1 month booster in sales, but you place another high caliber game 2 months out from its launch and you've got another 1 month boost in sales and again do the same 2 months out from its launch.

after awhile those 1 month boost in sales stack up to massive gains in market share.

The problem with these biased sites are they look at right now and not down the road or even if their is a shift in the Sony managment and way they conduct themselves to investors or 3rd party.

That's my take.

Wildarmsjecht3785d ago

Afff...I agree with you. Clearly that fact seemed to have flown over their head. In any case, in terms of yearly rate, the PS3 is selling at a faster rate than the 360. As for the Wii, it still needs to continue bringing out games that matter to the audience, lest it wishes to be like "Tickle Me Elmo"

TheHater3785d ago

WTF? I actually agree with this guy.

SeanScythe3785d ago

MGS4 is a system seller, I know several 360 owners will be buying a PS3 just for that game. With the stimulas checks going out around this time a lot of people have some extra cash to spend now.

Jamie Foxx3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

'sell out reports and midnight openings to deal with the demand, MGS4 is def a ps3 seller

and to say MGS4 is one of three big guns sony has left sounds like a fanboy rant to me

deeznuts3785d ago

Yeah what a dumb article. Gears of War moved mad units, so did Halo 3 I believe.

rbanke3785d ago

Both my brother in law's are buying mgs 80gb bundles tonight. One of them is also a 360 owner. (although he's mainly buying his because of socom)

Lifendz3785d ago

System sellers:
MGS4: first Metal Gear on a next gen system. The game people have been waiting for.
Final Fantasy XIII: nuff said
God of War III: oh yeah
Team Ico game: more people liked SOTC and Ico than a lot of people think.

help me out with the rest guys...

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fishd3785d ago

Amazon crashed for MGS4 80Gb bundle high demand,and ppl still ask is MGS4 a system seller or not!!!LOL!!!

bama3784d ago

Amazon has millions of viewers at once. Its already been proven that the MGS4 bundle did not cause the down time. If a Halo 3 bundle can survive on Amazon I'm sure a MGS4 one could too.

jvillan3785d ago

With all the MGS4 fans in the house I figure I would pose a question...

What do you guys think about Snake's run/walk animation? Is it more next gen than than say Uncharted...

What do you guys think about the sound Snake makes when he gets shot? You know the "ke-ke-he-he-he" sound.. and also how he reacts to be shot at? Where he simply walks away slightly twitching as the bullets hit him in the side..


resistance1003785d ago

The animation isn't the best, but its not bad either, still Uncharted's Animation raised the bar in games its more impressive than its graphics.

LastDance3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

I love uncharteds animations...Like i could put it on right now and still be wowed...but ...nobody moves like snake ;)....except raiden....

ps. 1 hour before shops open owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:)

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