Battlefield 4 Rumor – Snowboards in Final Stand DLC?

There is a rumor going around that snowboards will be included in the upcoming Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4. A Youtuber talks about the snowboards that could be coming to BF4.

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RedDeadLB1652d ago

More likely snowmobiles.

GasTankKiller1652d ago

I agree with snowmobiles. I couldn't imagine trying to shoot a rocket while going down a hill on a snowboard. But then again it would be something worth trying.

DirtyLary1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Nothing different than shooting one from the back of a quad.

TimidPixel1652d ago

Sounds like it could be pretty cool but if real would like to shoot while riding still like most other vehicles in game.

DirtyLary1652d ago

On pc, all the aimbots flying around on snowboard head shoting everyone. I can see it now.

Vladplaya1652d ago

They might just be desperate enough to put in something like that just to add the "cool" factor.

Would it make much sense? Not really, but a lot of things in Battlefield games don't make sense, so if they would add snowboards they might as well keep up with variety and add skies too, then maybe even jetpacks, go out with a bang with the last DLC haha

DirtyLary1652d ago

I was thinking we would see a zip-line since its in BF-Hardline. Considering everything in that game is just a reskin of BF4 assets.

Matt6661652d ago

No it isn't, I didn't realize that BF4 contained cops and robbers, I didn't realize that BF4 contained safes and armored vehicles you had to steel money from, I didn't realize that BF4 had a baseball bat in, a police baton etc. BF4 and Hardline may be similar but its not the same, otherwise going on your theroy you could say that COD:AW is just a reskin of COD:BO2

DirtyLary1652d ago

Serious are you really this ignorant. HL is nothing but two generic armies with cops and robber skins, reskinned BF gadgets, vehicles, weapons and recycled assets everywhere in the maps.I guess they succeeded since you are dead set a baseball bat is something completely new rather than the recycled/reskinned melee weapon it is.

quenomamen1652d ago

COD has neen doing that past 6 years, why cant BF ?

Minute Man 7211652d ago

They need to make sure BF4 is running perfect b4 they think about DLC

Swiggins1652d ago

The game has been running pretty smoothly for a couple months now, they've been fixing things quickly ever since the implementation of the CTE servers.

BellePelouse1652d ago

there is 4 dlc already out, and the game is great imo

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