New In-Game Darksiders Screenshots for PS3, Xbox 360

This God of War-meets-Zelda clone is coming from THQ in 2009, and has some new high-resolution in-game screenshots showing a great motion blur and insane textures.

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Silogon3780d ago

God of War meets Zelda is all I needed to hear! WOW! Buying this day 1.

power of Green 3780d ago

For the most part it has great graphics just don't like that PS3-ish color palette(three shadeds of one or two colors).

PSMonster213780d ago

Great comment POG, great comment.

MK_Red3780d ago

Wow, super awesome screens. Seriously nice. I'm really stoked for DarkSiders. War is a true badass.

THE_JUDGE3779d ago

I just hope they can make a cool enough plot to keep up with the action.

Jamie Foxx3780d ago

are losing all originality saints row now a god of war clone thats the reason thq have just announced huge losses,we need more originality developers are saturating us with too many clones and wanabes

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