The ten best Metal Gear bosses EVER!

Destructoid's Chad Concelmo :

"I love the Metal Gear series. In fact, I have an unhealthy obsession with it.

When thinking about what to write for this feature in honor of the upcoming PlayStation 3 release of Metal Gear Solid 4 (OMG!) I had a lot to mull over. Rev Anthony and Jim Sterling wrote some intelligent dissertations on the underlying themes of the series. Maybe I could dissect the subtle nuances between the series' character arcs? How about an in-depth look at how the games' visual metaphors have evolved over the years?

After laughing uncontrollably, I realized: Let me just leave the smart stuff to Rev and Jim. I love making lists and I love the bosses in Metal Gear. How about just combine the two? Yay! Amazing!

Over the years, Hideo Kojima has created some of the most stunningly creative boss battles ever experienced in a videogame. They are so well-designed, so original, and so unlike anything ever seen before.

So which ones are the best of the best? It was unbelievably hard to narrow down, but hit the jump for a list of what I think are the ten best bosses in Metal Gear history.

[It goes without saying that immense spoilers follow -- you've been warned]"

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Mr_Kuwabara3877d ago

I was an idiot at my first playthrough of MGS3, I was trying to kill The Sorrow somehow of my desperation on not knowing how in hell can I pass this boss since he's already dead to begin with!

What a weird, yet cool boss that wasn't that much of a bad guy after all.

Nitrowolf23877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

dude i spent hour on trying to beat him
i kept thinking i was doing something wrong
then i go on youtube to see how he was beat and i was like WTF thats it. It was pretty funny though

wingway3877d ago

i thought the fight with him was pretty awesome. castlevania? controller rumbling on its own? damn that was funny!