Limbo of the Lost Copies Thief and Diablo 2

According to a user on the Blue's News forums, other in-game screenshots seem to match up with other games as well. It turns out that one screenshot for Limbo of the Lost shows an environment that is almost exactly the same as in Thief: Deadly Shadows. There is also a shield on the wall that is exactly the same as the "Wall of the Eyeless" shield in Diablo 2.

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MK_Red3785d ago

Wow, they could have at least stayed with Oblivion and just ripped that. Ripping off Obliv, Theif and Diablo 2 at the same time!? I hope Bethesda, Eidos and Blizzard destroy this horrible company and their game.

dxmnecro3785d ago

Is no game safe from being Limboized?

MK_Red3785d ago

"Limboized?" Classic. Bubbles for you :)
Next they might find Gordon Freeman in it!

Boldy3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

This is just getting out of hand. I doubt this game will see the light of day without a drastic overhaul, that is if the company doesn't get sued to bankruptcy.

Edit: Wow I can't believe no one noticed these similarities until now.

MK_Red3785d ago

Dude, this game is already out. It's been out in few countries for some time now but nobody had noticed (I guess everyone knew how sh*tty this game is).

kylegtheassman3785d ago

if this game was on the ps3 it would be the best game in the world because the ps3 is a supercomputer lol

Bnet3433785d ago

You seriously need to GTFO of here.

Salvadore3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

"I have this great idea of probably the best game ever developed. If we basically rip off Oblivion, Diablo 2 and Thief nobody will notice and end up buying the game.

"Are you sure because we can end up facing a lawsuit?".

"Of course, people don't play these games anymore and the companies wouldn't mind either".

Lionsguard3785d ago

This game seems to be some sort of monstrous abomination where tidbits of various other games are sewn together to give life some ugly looking piece of crap. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!1

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