Xbox One lost a lot of its exclusive titles, and the reason for anyone to buy it

"Xbox One started slowly losing its exclusive titles, beginning with Dead Rising 3 and continuing with Ryse: Son of Rome. Those games, are two of the most important titles from the console’s current library, being the main reason why many people bought the console (including myself). Actually, “were” is the appropriate time since the two games are now announced for PC/Steam release. And while a lot of people were happy to hear this, it’s more of a sad day for Xbox One rather than a good one."

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Godmars2903148d ago

People are really calling a game which didn't sell well a "loss" now that its gone to PC or that its sequel may be fully multiplatform?

MightyNoX3148d ago

The loss comes not from losing THIS game but that it is the second game in such a short span that went multiplatform. Also, both games touted that they were 'only possible with the power of Xbox one'.

It's a wake up call for those who hate the install times, etc, that they do not have fork over $400+ if its exclusives arent really exclusive.

AngelicIceDiamond3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

"that they do not have fork over $400+ if its exclusives arent really exclusive."

What you just said made no sense.

According to your logic people wasted 400+ dollars on a console with games that would eventually hit PC as well.

Right because Everyone is always waiting on the PC version. Millions and millions of PC gamers.

Titanfall is on PC but yet the game was most bought on X1.

So much for your conjectured logic.

Death3148d ago

Unless you can somehow get the PS4 to play the PC versions, they are still console exclusive. Dead Rising will probably go PS4 in the future too, typically Microsoft makes timed exclusive deals with their third party partners. If memory serves me, Dead Rising was available on the PS3. Anyway you look at it, PS4 owners haven't been able to play either game on their console which makes the last year pretty exclusive.

uptownsoul3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

@AngelicIceDiamond -- Why did the PS4 beat the Xbox One in the NPD's for March? Didn't Titanfall sell better on the XBox One than Infamous sold on the PS4? Now imagine if the Xbox One was the only place on the planet you could play Titanfall…Xbox One would have been on top of the March NPD's, EASILY…Fact is not only is every Xbox One "exclusive" going to PC 1 less reason to buy and Xbox One, it also creates uncertainty on future Xbox One "exclusives" (Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break)

choujij3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )


At this point, count me in as one of those waiting for Quantum Break on PC.

And Titanfall being mostly purchased on Xbone is really quite understandable. Those console owners needed something new to play. The PC and 360 aren't short on games. Even my brother, who does 90% of his gaming on his GTX 770 almost bought TF for Xbone. His exact words were "I need something to play on my Xbox One".

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BattleAxe3147d ago

It's really not going to affect Xbox One much. people who will buy these games on Steam would most likely never have bought an Xbox One or even a PS4 for that matter.

PC gamers are a different consumer, and although some PC gamers do own the odd last generation console, I don't think that most PC gamers see much of a benefit to buying an Xbox One or PS4 this time around. This is mainly because the vast majority of games get released on PC anyway, and usually at a cheaper price with better graphics options.

Giul_Xainx3147d ago

In the world of fanboys..... an exclusive that doesn't sell 10 million copies..... isn't triple aaa.

MazzingerZ3147d ago

To me those are still exclusives as I don't game on PC like many others. Not interested in any of those games, though.

wannabe gamer3147d ago

lmao titanfall is the worst example to use. the PC version is 50GB to download.50GB which would be fine if there was a good reason for it like super high quality HD textures or smething that made a difference. but no its 50GB cause the devs were lazy and did a pisspoor job on the audio iles and they are like 10x larger than needed. i know tons of ppl that would like to play it but arent going to go thru the time to make room on their hard drives for 1 single game like this when its just pointless. yes there are games that are near this size but they have a reason to be so huge, titanfall just doesnt.

RedDeadLB3147d ago

What's the other game that went multiplatform?

DLConspiracy3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

I can't wait to see the sales of the PC vs Xbox one. I bet xbox one still sells more of either game. People are silly. I love PC but until these games go into the bargain steam bin they won't be sought after. DR3 will probably sell better but Ryse just isn't the game to sell even if it looks better on PC.

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colonel1793148d ago

Ryse won't have a sequel, Crytek already cancelled it.

jnemesh3147d ago

Actually, it's not cancelled, but delayed. The main issue is that Crytek is not happy with Xbox One sales and will put off a sequel until they can expect to get a decent amount of sales. See this story for details.

UltraNova3147d ago

"The main issue is that Crytek is not happy with Xbox One sales and will put off a sequel until they can expect to get a decent amount of sales."

I think it got delayed to buy them time to work around MS and release Ryse 2 on all 3 platforms(xb1, ps4, pc) from the get go, ensuring maximum potential sales.

Volkama3147d ago

They won't start work on a Ryse 2 unless they can fit it into a free to play model. And cinematic games are not a good fit, so if they do make it... Well it will be a very different kind if game.

More likely they will sell the IP at some point.

Or (if we're lucky) ditch the emphasis on free to play.

Visiblemarc3147d ago

Crytek has bigger problems, the ip will likely end up in different hands.

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xDHAV0K24x3148d ago

its not console exclusive and that's what the majority of the time the gaming scene refers to.

DevilOgreFish3148d ago

"Xbox One lost a lot of its exclusive titles, AND THE REASON FOR ANYONE TO BUY IT."

not really, the specs for dead rising 3 i think are absurd. and depending on the necessary specs to run Ryse to consider the upgrade, the XB1 version may be the simpler way to enjoy those games.

PC will always be master race and the games can be cheaper, but specs should also be taken into account as well. I say there's pros and cons, it's up to you.

wannabe gamer3147d ago

u really think this is high specs?
Processor: Intel Core i3-3220 @ 3.30GHz (or Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 2.83GHz) / AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3.00 GHz or higher
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 570 / AMD Radeon 7870 or higher

.... that is not a high spec....

Notramagama3147d ago

Sony fans can be hilarious...

Meanwhile Sonys second biggest exclusive franchise MGS is headed to Xbox. Where is are the Sony is gonna fail articles? How about sunset overdrive? That should've nvr even made it to x1, let alone as an exclusive... Everyone loses and gains exclusives. Ppl just wanna see x1 die so bad...

tiffac0083147d ago

If you mean Metal Gear Solid, that lost its exclusivity during the PS2/GC/Xbox era. MGS2 was on the Original Xbox and the series originally came out on a Ninty console.

The only MGS game that never made it to another platform was MGS4.

Notramagama3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

And? It was hyped as a huge exclusive. It got a 10/10. You act like crytek is an MS exclusive company... It's literally no different, expect everyone w/o an x1 says ryse is shit and msg is widely acclaimed. If losing ryse is the death of x1, losing msg is costing Sony the first born son of every employee...

And where's you explanation for Sony missing out on an insomniac game.

Pick and choose arguments are garbage

Godmars2903147d ago

One reviewed and sold well, while the other not so much.

And like tiffac said; MGS2 was already on the Xbox. When MGS4 came around Xbox fanboys went rabid over every rumor of a port. Oppositely, if Titanfall or Ryse come to the PS4, any added sales are going to be more a favor to Crytek and Respawn than anything to shut up Sony fanboys.

"Gamers" don't want to see XB1 die. What they want is for MS to stop messing up to the degrees they have. To actually show some interest in a market they only seem to have come into to make a profit. Put a box with their brand on it in every living room regardless of what's actually in it.

x_RadicalAura_x3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

The difference is, Sony has a continuous pipeline of upcoming exclusives from all of their 1st party studios that THEY OWN (Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Guerilla, Quantic Dream, Thatgamecompany, etc.). Whereas Microsoft basically threw some money at some privately own AAA studios to essentially get timed exclusives that can be taken elsewhere (e.g. PvZ Garden Warfare, Ryse 2, etc.) other than the Xbox platform. Most of the previously iconic 1st party Microsoft studios (Rare, Lionhead, etc.) have been on the decline for years. Kinect Sports Rivals, Rare? No thanks. Fable Legends looks passable to me as well up against DA: Inquisition, The Witcher 3, and inevitably Fallout 4. I won't have time for any other RPGs than those, they're my priority.

MGS Ground Zeroes on PS4 outsold the X1 version 3:1, so it might as well still be an exclusive. lol

tiffac0083147d ago


I only stated the facts. If there are people that still believes the entire MGS series outside of MGS4 is a Playstation exclusive then that's their problem.

Sheikh Yerbouti3147d ago

MGS is as much an exclusive to PS as COD is to XBox!

Notramagama3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

It's as much an exclusive as any crytek game is. And if you think ms isn't bringing exclusives you're blind as a bat. Phil spencer is all about content. Exclusive games and features are all Xbox 1 is about under him. Everyone gives Sony the go ahead because of their past and that leads to the same mistakes everytime. Companies get comfortable... You can't tell me Sonys exclusives are to their standard this fall. Good? Sure. Above average? No.

And like I've said msg is not a ps brand, but it was touted as a heavy exclusive hitter on ps3. I'll take MGS coming back as a wayyy bigger loss than a decent crytek game losing exclusivity. Just my opinion. But my opinion a backed up by respective sales. (And still no one mentioning how Sunset O was swooped by ms)

And sn: everyone knows msg wasn't originally Sony. But it's comical and hypocritical how someone brought up pvz being touted as anything but a timed exclusive lol. It's a mobile franchise ffs. Of course it'd become multiplat. If MS is fucking up there, what's Sony doing with no mans sky? Exclusives come and go and both companies are bring fire. I suggest no one really give excuses for their main console. I want them to keep improving faster. And ms is doing as well as any console has ever done putting their ship back on course, and yes they have more work to do still. But this article is complete nonsense.

tiffac0083147d ago

Ah opinions not facts. Okay I can drink to that~

SniperControl3147d ago

The only reason MGS went to xbox is because MS threw a ton of cash at Konami to go multiplat, they gave R* a 50mill sweetener for GTA 4 to come to 360 as well.
It's what MS do best, like a spoilt little brat who wants everything.

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SilentNegotiator3147d ago

It's one game in a TREND of Xbone losing games and series, like Dead Rising and Titanfall (EA has no obligation to keep sequels off of Ps4).

nosferatuzodd3147d ago

Lol I wonder what the xbone fans going to say now,all who was saying ps4 have no game well half the xbox exclusives are multiplat now ha hahahahahaha

3147d ago
Gh05t3147d ago

While you enjoy your sloppy seconds just know I was there first ;)

SniperControl3147d ago

@ryan & ghost

No one is talking about releasing year old games on PS4, it's all about TF2 and Ryse 2.

insomnium23146d ago


Exactly! I bet Gho5t felt he was being quite clever and funny with that metaphor (sloppy seconds). Sorry cool dude but there's nothing sloppy in here. I think it happened in your pants prematurely.

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Gamer19823147d ago

Not just this game though Titanfall was never an exclusive PVZ garden warfare went to PC too, Dead Rising 3 did aswell not to mention rumours of Halo Master Chief Collection goign to PC. As for not selling well when game has sold well on Xbox thats exclusive?? Not one.. Forza hasn't sold very well not even selling 1.5 million worldwide.. All that Xbox has left right now is Forza in the AAA exclusives.

geddesmond3147d ago

I own a PS4 and will only own a PS4 this gen, just like I only owned a PS3 last gen but honestly the loss of 2 exclusives that barely make any sales on the Xbox1 is not a loss to MS. Yeah their sequels might come to PS4 but honestly box1 will still have exclusives the PS4 won't have.

I mean what do people expect. Publishers have always been about the money. It's what keeps them alive. Of course a publisher is going to look at the install base of a consol and take those facts into consideration when developing games.

We can spend 40 mil on this game and release it multiplat on next gen with a 13 mil install base or we can release this 40 mil game on a consol with a 5 mil install base.

If you were a business which one would you choose. After the ass wooping Sony has gave to MS no third party developer is going to make exclusives for MS unless they get paid very well and as that gap gets larger and larger because come on lets be honest it isn't getting small. More and more developers will not go MS eclusive.

MS only chance is to get their first party studios up. But nearly one year in already I think it's gonna be way too late for them to make any sort of ground.

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GiantEnemyCrab3148d ago

MS just can't help themselves. I think they fear commitment. Years and years of the customers telling them to have true exclusives and they just keep going with the fake ones that come out better on another platform. Ryse looks to be another and it's not even been a year.

Then they wonder why no one has brand loyalty. They know you can play everything on something else. There is no specific reason to own an Xbox which should be the games you can't play any where else.

I understand MS has commitments to the PC but they are a big company who should be able to have exclusive titles for both.

MetalProxy3148d ago

Crazy! I never thought I would agree with you, and for that you get a new buddy ol pal bubble.

insomnium23146d ago


GEC gets all the respect in the world from me nowadays. He stopped bieng a MS fanboy years ago iirc. He has been speaking the truth for quite some time. My hat is of to you GEC.

DigitalRaptor3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

Microsoft played out the "third party exclusive" stuff last-gen and they saw exactly how that worked out when PS3 came on the scene and took them, because let's be honest - there's no way a publisher is not going to support a more popular console.

YET… they did exactly the same thing this gen. Practically ALL of Xbone's exclusives are third-party from launch until now and were bound to go to PS4 and/or PC. They should be smart enough to know that this strategy doesn't hold favours for their brand, but they went ahead with it anyway. And now that the smoke has cleared, these publishers are seeing that they should have never signed these exclusivity contracts with MS to begin with and rode out as multiplats.

I think it's quite profound that you say they "fear commitment". They've proven to have pumped billions into this industry, yet they cannot hold onto exclusives to save their console. By save, of course I am being dramatic, but losing exclusives doesn't instil confidence and cannot imply anything but bad news for the Xbone, especially when they're being lost so early.

Kingdomcome2473147d ago

I agree with your assessment. There is too much shifting, and uncertainty to rely upon 3'rd party games as your meal ticket. I think Phil Spencer recognizes this, and is working towards first party, in house ip development. A wealth of first party studios with a diverse library, is paramount to a console manufacturers longevity.

eferreira3147d ago

MS usually has a pretty strong start with exclusives and great content but then you see hardly anything from them in the later years. Just look at the last two years of the 360.

kenshiro1003147d ago

That's very true. It's like their console begins to lose its identity little by little.

The only way I'd get an XB1 is for Killer Instinct since that was my childhood game but I am not plopping down $400+ for one game.

joeorc3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

+bubble up GEC
Thats also one of the reasons the main xbox founding father's all left microsoft, ozzy, robbie, ed..what good is it to create a game console biz, for your company if its not ever going to be a core part of your company!

Building the part of that section for your company to gain a revenue stream is one thing, but doing so to really build it to gain a viable brand name in "Gaming" where "Gamers can get into backing your companies business to be staying return customers is another and not just fair weather customers"

Question is has microsoft really shown interest in building the xbox platform as a core part of its company?

No, as a matter of fact the current CEO even stated as such.

The reason is simple. Both Nintendo and Sony are core Game companies, Nintendo has always been, and Now kaz has directed Sony as playstation is a core part of Sonys company.

Microsoft has not.
Sony and Nintendo = Game companies
Microsoft = not a game company

Asking Gamers to support a non game company over core Game Companies in the Game console market! Is it any wonder Microsoft's xbox brand has suffered perception on the game console market. Even when all 11+ Xbox platform founders who pitched xbox to be a platform in under 10 years have all left Microsoft.

The heart and Soul of the xbox as a platform left with them, is what many gamers has seen.

Gamer19823147d ago

It's not about PC commitment for them exactly when it comes to most titles its about how much they are willing to pay for 3rd party exclusive rights. It costs a LOT more to keep it exclusive forever than it being a timed exclusive. Most just do a timed exclusive and hope that it being later on another conosle doesn't effect sales as it came out on there console first. In fact though games are so used to it now and thanks to being used to game delays etc.. Gamers don't care and are willing to wait for the game to come to there choice of console/pc.

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Fireseed3148d ago

So let me break this down...

"Oh Ryse is so crap, the gameplay is awful!"

"Ryse 2 not Xbox One exclusive?!?!?! The Xbones are dead!!!"

MRMagoo1233148d ago

Ryse 2 ? This is about ryse one isn't it ? And this isn't just about ryse it's about the majority of xbone exclusives being available somewhere else so not exclusive anymore and also not selling systems.

kenshiro1003147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

I don't think anyone cares if the sequel went multiplat. Also, this had nothing to do with Ryse.