How anti-piracy screws over people who buy PC games

Broken anti-piracy techniques do not work, as this video shows. They do nothing but infuriate customers and encourage them to pirate future games.

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Imallvol73779d ago

This is a catch 22 if I ever saw one.

gamesR4fun3779d ago

its so true tho copyprotection sucks rocks and does nothing to slow down piracy. As a matter of fact the only thing it does do is turn off more peeps to pc gaming...
No wonder a mediocre ps3 exclusive like Haze outsells a huge title like the new conan mmo LOL

JsonHenry3779d ago

I have never had a problem with this sort of thing. And PC gaming is my number 1 platform of choice. Been a PC gamer since the mid 90s.

jadenkorri3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

its happened to me, i had daemon running an image of diablo 2 and starcraft, i made an image cause i want to be able to play in an instant... i was dumb enough to buy a pc tower with a face plate, cause it looked kewl, well ya looks great, but when u replace a disc is just another damn chore to do, anyways fear did that to me too, the orginal detected daemon, so i had to crack fear, speaking of which i just noticed is not on my desktop and cannot find it..... i hope he don't buy mass i gtg look for my copy of fear now, dunno wtf i did with it....

woot found it lol, scared me there for a bit lol.

ps3FTW3779d ago

Armake21 makes a good point.

richierich3779d ago

You know what pisses me off about buying a PC game from a store they always tell me that if it dosent work I cannot give it back. But they still give me a reciept after buying the game, what the hell is the reciept for if I cannot bring the game back if it dosent work on my PC? I have a high spec PC that will play any of the games out now but sometimes I encounter a game that wont work because of securom and other copy protections. No wonder there is so much PC game piracy

kewlkat0073779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

I feel for the honest people out there but, the way things work is, Humans rarely get rewarded for good behavior, they are punished moreso for others mistakes/actions.

just like Insurance and everything out there with Premiums..

solar3779d ago

this crap has been going on or a very long time. nothing new here.

1 word. Steamworks. that is all.

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The story is too old to be commented.