Night Falls on Paradise City (Burnout Paradise)

Criteriongames reports:

An in-development version of Burnout Paradise showing Paradise City going through its day-night cycle - a feature that will be coming to the game in August 2008 in the Davis update.

As many guessed, this was a special version of the game that we locked to the real-time clock so that everyone playing through the night could see the time of day change in Paradise City as they played. In the final version of the game we expect to have an accelerated day-night cycle.

Because of the fantastic response, we've decided to leave the webcams running for another night for everyone to enjoy. And, also, here is a shot of the city as night falls at around 10pm...

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MaximusPrime3780d ago

love an idea of real time day/nighttime mode.

Hope Criterion will add weather condition too.

My idea: Snow in the mountains, sunshine in the beach, rainy in navyyard, foggy in the forest area near the mountain.

Ri0tSquad3780d ago

July 10th can't come soon enough.

kwicksandz3780d ago

Burnout team rocks!

Hyped for this patch.

andron3780d ago

Criterion have done a great job of delivering extra content to Paradise City...