Pachter Analyzes Why T2 is Stonewalling the Feds on EA Deal

GamePolitics: In our previous GamePolitics story we described how the Federal Trade Commission went to U.S. District Court in an attempt to force Grand Theft Auto IV publisher Take-Two Interactive to cooperate in an anti-trust investigation related to Electronic Arts' potential takeover of T2.

So, why would Take-Two thumb its nose in the government's face, even to the point of reneging on previously agreed-upon conditions?

We asked financial analyst Michael Pachter, who covers the video game sector for Wedbush-Morgan.

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ry-guy3872d ago

Patcher couldn't even analyze the current weather.

It could be raining outside and he'd say it was just a cloudy moment.

Come on. This guy really needs to get out of this prediction and analyzing buisness.