Mascots: What Are They Doing Now?

The world of video-game mascots is more cutthroat than cuddly – despite the wholesome facade the industry shows. The truth is, not everyone has it as easy as Mario, Sonic and Pac-Man. Parallel to the lives of child-stars – some mascots reign king in their early years only to be thrown to the wolves when someone new and improved comes along. Being on top only to ultimately loose the fame, fortune and perks of being the face of a brand leaves many mascots a shell of what they once were.

Game Informer began to wonder what many of these mascots from the past were up to in the present. Do they hang on to the scraps of their glory days in hopes of recognition? Do they live a life of recluse, only to be coxed out from hiding with the promise of a sub-par reality TV show? Read on to find out what is going on with five of your favorite mascots from the past.

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Silogon3784d ago

No one can deny that the mascot days drove sales. Mascots gave your platform an identity and now what do we have?

That's our mascot now. No identy at all, whatsoever. If we had Sony marketing a mascot again they'd be doing much better sales wise. Look at history.