Why Wii Don't Play

This is a discussion of why Xbox 360 owners spend alot more time on their consoles than Wii or PS3 owners.

"The Wii also lacks entire genres, like online first person shooters, or role playing games that lend themselves to frequent, lengthy play sessions. And, yes, I know that a Medal of Honor game was made for the Wii, but I'd like to see the argument that it holds a candle to similar online experiences on the Xbox 360 or PC. I don't think Nintendo could care less about statistics like these because; one, they're not targeting hardcore gamers; and two, that same hardcore demographic would probably buy a Wii anyway if there was a title that appealed to them."

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DeckUKold3834d ago

My WII and PS3 gets lots of playing time.

donalbane3834d ago

Good article. You made some great points in there.

And thegreatone... the numbers don't lie.

Shaka2K63834d ago

Its an enbarrasment to real gamers around the world.

kidtendo defence force.

but...but.buuuttt it sellz !!!! kidtendo is making records profitz!!!!

wolfehound223834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Well I know I'm on my PS3 quite a lot. Although I do have a job and I'm married so trying to put more than a hour or two a day is pretty difficult. You could take from this story that a lot of younger gamers own the 360 than the PS3 hence the disparity in times. And when it come to the Wii there not a ton of great games. I play mine every once in awhile but not as much as my PS3.

PoSTedUP3834d ago

because mario kart isnt the same!

and forget about mario