Destiny Interview: ‘We Wanted To Make Something That Was Actually A Game Set For All Moods'

Destiny is Bungie’s most ambitious game ever. The recently concluded alpha and beta of the online multiplayer first-person shooter was only a taste of things to come. There is a lot we don’t know about the game and Bungie are doing well to keep it a well guarded secret. GamingBolt got the opportunity to speak to the game’s senior environment artist, Jason Sussman, to know more about the game.

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GribbleGrunger3219d ago

Well that's certainly one way of deflecting attention from the real concern. LOL.

GribbleGrunger3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Not one single person on one single forum ... anywhere on the entire internet has been asking this question. The question everyone ... everywhere on the internet has been asking is: Will the PS4 version be dumbed down because of the XB1. The reason for that is Bungie have already said they're aiming for parity between the platforms.

It's really very simple. The evasive nature of this statement is shamefully obvious. Bungie won't be getting my money regardless of how hard Sony promote them.

Palitera3219d ago

To be fair, the dumbness is due to something much more problematic: PS3 and X360...

XBox One possible parity would only affect graphics.

Gazondaily3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

"It's really very simple. The evasive nature of this statement is shamefully obvious"

Eh? Sorry if I'm getting confused here but the question asked was:

"What made you want to make as a co-op game from the beginning, what was the inspiration for co-op?"

So what has this got to do with "the PS4 version being dumbed down because of the XB1"?

Also, notice that the interviewer asked about the X1 version being dumbed down, not the PS4 one.

And just to answer your question, you're worried about the PS4 version somehow being dumbed down by the X1 and not the Xbox 360 or PS3??

GribbleGrunger3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

You are right! Ignore me folks, it seems I have confused two separate posts on two separate forums. This is not the article I thought it was ... serves me right for assuming it was and not clicking the link.

Note to self: Must limit amount of tabs!

Palitera3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

If the versions were exactly equal, it would mean that the PS4 version had been dumbed down to the level of a less powerful machine. Don't be offended, XBox fans. It's not all about power.

Glad they said they're *trying* to deliver the same across consoles. We know what it means. PS4 here.

Hands Up For Games3219d ago

"At this moment in time, we cannot go into too much detail about the Xbox One version of Destiny as Sony is paying us not too but rest assured, it will be on par with the PS4 version**."

**Sony PR: Shut up! Bungie, what are we paying you for?

98xpresent3219d ago

So that means the ps4 version was gimped

XtraTrstrL3219d ago

They didn't need to tell you that. The fact it looks how it does and runs at only 30fps on PS4 tells you it was gimped. The cross-gen is what's holding it back. I was losing my hype for this game from a little before the alpha came out. It's really not a leap forward in evolution to Halo, it's a decent progression. The open-world doesn't seem big enough to me, It needed to be more on a scale of Skyrim/Witcher 3 for me to really enjoy it as a cool FPS MMORPG type game. It still feels like I'm confined to kinda small areas, they aren't small, but when you have games like Battlefield with huge mp maps, you'd expect a game that's suppose to be putting you in a whole world to have way huger locations than a single MP map in a regular shooter.

Then you have the poor choices they made with the voice chatting and stuff, rather than making it mute players by default and giving us the option to unmute. They just make us unable to chat unless we invite someone to our fire team. I don't wanna always be inviting people when I run up on someone and join them on missions, it's a pain. You just wanna relax and chat casually. I don't see why they had to make the choice for us.

The AI doesn't seem to have advanced either, it seems like basically regular Halo AI, which isn't bad - but I expected more for next-gen.

strangeaeon3219d ago

All your points are my gripes with the game, I just didn't feel like there was a whole lot going on in the world. I don't understand why the hub is separated from the world, why is there this unreasonably long loading time when you choose an area? I expected much more from this gen, guess we are in for a wait.

Kayant3219d ago

This says nothing new.

"Currently, there are no microtransactions, everything is in-game." - For now....

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