Gamestop MGS4 Midnight Release Plan

Many of You will be heading up to your local gamestop at midnight tonight in anticipation of purchasing the long awaited MGS4. Many of you may have held off to purchase a ps3 until this very moment and were planning on buying the new 80 MGS4 bundle for $499.99. The launch of the new system bundle may not come as easy as planned. Each gamestop is set to only receive around 2-3 of these bundles. Gamestop will not be doing any "pre-ringing" or reserves of the bundle as they are in short supply and will be selling them "first come, first served". At my local gamestop we have received more calls asking about the bundle then we can supply and have already been asked by customers if we would allow people to form the line early in the afternoon today as they want to "camp out" unitl midnight tonight to guarantee themselves one of the bundles. So my advice to all of you wanting to get one of these amazing bundles is to get there early and wait it out. As for the rest of you, contact your local gamestop and find out if and when they will begin "pre- ringing" the games by themselves. Have fun everyone and hope to see some of you there.


(Pre-ringing means they will let you pay off the game before midnight and will give you your receipt with a number and the number will correspond with your placement in line to pick up the game at midnight. Note- this will not be done with the system bundles.)

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Imallvol73876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

I really never expected this to be this big of a deal. Even the Best Buy I was in (looking for Metal Gear Solid: The Essentials) has said they have had an overwhelming number of calls about the bundle.

rogimusprime3876d ago

because gamestop sucks. I went to my local gamestop and they told me that they were getting a minimum of 5 systems. I live in the LA area. To order 5 systems is just garbage for a city this size. Sony has stopped producing the 80 gig to free up some production for this bundle I would imagine, but I had no clue the bundle wouldnt be avaiable, or this scarce.

Best bet might be going to Target or walmart where people can't line up JUST for the sole purpose of getting the game, and make a mad dash to the electronics department, eliminating all other consumers through sheer speed or a blind rage.

It's going to be a good time tomorrow.

Blademask3876d ago

Lol * ROFLMAO @ ^^^^^^^

"and make a mad dash to the electronics department, eliminating all other consumers through sheer speed or a blind rage. "

I just imagine Adam Sandler running & crying from Water Boy.

jessupj3876d ago

Don't you wish you guys lived in Australia because then you'd be getting the bundle a whole 10 hours earlier. I'd have mine now if I pre-ordered sooner.

In my small city my ebgame store only got 6 bundle and they got pre-ordered fast. But whoever were the first 6 people to pre-order gets their bundles first. That makes sense to me, but apparently it doesn't make sense to gamespot

OOG3876d ago

ah a head up for anyone in Canada trying to get this bundle....

I was just on futureshops website and they had the bundle back up to order with 79 yea if you were looking to order it...heres your chance

eagle213876d ago

That Walmart deal is too good to miss. It includes a $100 gift card. Best Buy is price matching the Wal-mart gift card according to forum members on So ask if you go to Best Buy!


GVON3876d ago

i'm getting mine around 9:00 GMT can't wait, even though i am

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