Crytek Boss Cevat Yerli On Unpaid Wages, Ryse 2 And The Future

"The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

Eurogamer exclusive interview with Crytek co-founder, Cevat Yerli, discussing the studio's recent financial troubles, the sale of Crytek UK and the Homefront IP, as well as their transition towards a free-to-play future.

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OpieWinston3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

I'm getting a feeling their "Partner" is Deep Silver.

And after reading this article...I know for a fact not to trust anything Cryteks Yerli brothers say.

700 people working under you...And you think a majority of F2P games are going to sustain you?

You're jumping on the MOBA wagon when it's already a crowded market.
You're jumping on the F2P wagon when it's already a crowded market. Only game that did well was Warface in Russia and it didn't do well anywhere else.
Cryengine business isn't doing so well...Which currently is evident with the lack of Cryengine games being advertised to the public. (Could be more, but sales suggest otherwise)

Cevat Yerli thinks Crytek is safe... Are you delusional?

DarkOcelet3147d ago

You guys were good at pc , did you seriously had to go multiplatform , you bet big but lost and its a shame to see and game company or dev having financial issues , i hope you sort your problems out ...

johny53147d ago

They turned their backs on PC, and it killed them!

Dante813147d ago

They were doing pretty well up until Crysis 2... The nads these guys had blaming the PC audience for Crysis not selling more than 3 million.

lemoncake3147d ago

The competition in the engine market has hit them hard, unity and unreal engines offer great product to developers and a great pricing structure.

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The story is too old to be commented.