Star Ocean 4 currently Xbox exclusive, Last Remnant delayed on PS3

Andrew Yoon-

Fans of Square Enix RPGs may have assumed PS3 was the safe bet this generation of consoles. However, during a press conference in Japan today, the famed RPG maker announced its plans to support Xbox 360, with at least one exclusive, and two timed exclusives for Microsoft's current generation platform.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope, the fourth iteration of the popular RPG series, has been announced for Xbox 360 only.

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rucky3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Sounds fair, so PS3 gets FFXIII and FFVXIII while 360's gets Star Ocean Last Hope and Infinite Discovery with timed-exclusive Last Remnant. I guess this is a good moved by SE to try to expand their western audience while moving consoles for both companies along the way.

We lose though as gamers especially those who don't have a PS360WII and wants to play all those rpgs.

PS360WII3785d ago

well who wouldn't want me ^^

oh you mean the systems :(

Expy3785d ago

With this move though, Tri-Ace is going to lose a lot of fans in Japan, and that isn't a good thing. But as stated by Square-Enix, they haven't decided yet whether or not to release the game on PS3 (Star Ocean 4).

decapitator3785d ago

Another site with a different twist on the already known story...*Sigh*

Silogon3785d ago

So Sony gets all their old franchises while xbox 360 gets the new ones and Star ocean. Great deal! You keep knocking those pins down Sony!


PSMonster213785d ago

I would say it this way... Sony gets all the AAA franchises and M$ gets whats left over.

sleepyk3785d ago

too bad star ocean is not gonna sell well on 360 especially in japan.

bababrooks3785d ago

the japan market has changed, hand helds and wii seem to be what's in. the market man for sony that said they could charge £600 pounds and people would still buy the system was dreaming! for those that can afford all the systems... life is a gamers paradise: ).

Sayai jin3785d ago

I understand your frustration, but consoles still need there exclusives to keep some type difference, variety, etc than their competitors. If a person could get Gears of War 2, MGS4, etc on the one console there would be no room for nother console. The you start dealing with lack of competition, then you go into why should game or console prices be competitive, then why go all out on game play and graphics, and it goes on and on. In a nutshell exclusives keeps customers or converts them over.

Willio3785d ago

Im sad if Star Ocean never comes out for PS3 but more importantly, some rich folks need to buy out the property rights for Xenogears... and make a sequel...

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PoSTedUP3785d ago

MS needs to do SOMEthing : ]

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The story is too old to be commented.