Bad Company Gameplay

A 4 minute 50 second long video which shows footage from Battlefield: Bad Company.

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RAY0173781d ago

This game is a mix between COD4 and Warhawk. It kicks ass!!!

LevDog3781d ago

DL the Demo on the PSN.. Didnt enjoy it.. graphics were ok.. Gameplay was ok.. Nothing really stuck out about it..

Verdict: Pass

wolfehound223781d ago

I actually liked this game reminded me of COD4 with destructible environments and vehicles. Now the graphics aren't top notch, but I'm no graphic whore. As long as the gameplay is fun I like it. Now the single player was so so, but the multiplayer is great. This went from a pass to a must buy in my book.

KYU21303781d ago

Now i like the game the graphics are not top notch but they are good. i definitly plan on getting this. the control reaction was a little loose but that may be just me, so thats gonna take some getting used to. all in all its fun.

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