Halo: The Master Chief Collection Gamescom Showdown to Use LAN, XBL Connection Still Required

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be supporting LAN play on the Xbox One, but the system will need to connect to Xbox Live so the system can “say hi to Live”.

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DarkBlood1534d ago

Thought they backtracked this particular feature no?

ArtificiallyYours1533d ago

...Basically we have an update to install an update when we put in a disc?

The last generation in a nutshell?

TripC501533d ago

This particular disc has 4 games along with over one hundred multiplayer update seems necessary. To me anyway.

TheBoy1533d ago

lmao Sony fanboys finding any way to put down this game.

8BitSoul1533d ago

Why even add a LAN feature if you are required to be online in order to even play MP? I thought the entire point behind LAN was so that dedicated fans could keep playing the game for years after the servers have been shut down. This is a recurring feature in games these days, and I don't like this mentality. It simply means that most of our games will be outdated and completely useless in a few years when they shut the servers down...
Granted, it's Halo, so the servers will probably be kept alive and well for quite a few years, but if I'm anywhere without a internet connection, I won't be able to play MP over LAN, even if I have 4 Xbox One's and 4 copies of the game... Not that I have 4 Xbox One's or copies of Halo, but if I did, I'd expect there to be a LAN feature, I mean they did it with Halo 2, and people are still playing that game!